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Genworth, Financial Services CDP Case Study

Genworth Financial: Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Streamline personalized communications with your customers Your CDP should be a smart hub that connects to any data source and any channel, empowering your organization to take action on 100% of your customer data. See how Genworth Financial, an S&P 400 insurance company, is leveraging a CDP to…

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McKinsey: The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale

The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale Presented by Jason Heller, Partner, McKinsey & Company Personalization at scale is worth $1.7 – $3 trillion in new value to businesses who get it right. Seizing your fair share requires changing the very DNA of multiple functions, gaining organizational commitment, developing new capabilities, and making investments. In this…

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Retail Now, Next Year, and Five Years Out

What are some of the retail industry trends that will matter in the near and distant futures? Learn how in-store and online experiences will become more tightly knit than ever, white-glove clienteling will come to the masses, and how data will make all the difference.

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