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True Cost of Your Technology Choices

4 Approaches to Become Customer- Centric

The True Costs of Your Technology Choices Four Approaches to Become a Customer-Centric Business Customer experience (CX) has fast become a top priority for businesses and 2021 will be no different. But, why are so many brands focusing on the customer experience and others are struggling to implement a successful plan of action to ensure…

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Closing The Customer Experience Gap With A Smart-Hub CDP

ActionIQ and Merkle Join together to discuss how technology can close the CX Gap

Change is inevitable especially during these uncertain times. Ease those changes by being prepared. Deliver personalized experiences that build lasting loyalty. Download the Change Management White Paper Best Practices

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Sparkpost Webinar

ActionIQ and SparkPost Modern Smarthub for Brands

CX Webinar Series: A Modern Smart Hub Approach to Connect With Your Cusomer Download our live discussion with Sparkpost and Genworth to learn strategies and tactics to manage customer experiences Customer behaviors and preferences are rapidly evolving and businesses need to adapt to survive. There is a heightened focus on every digital customer engagement as organizations…

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Happy Hour On-Demand Webinar Series

ActionIQ Happy Hour

ActionIQ Happy Hour On-Demand Webinar Series Our experts invite you to sit back, have a beer, and join us as we talk all things CDP and martech. Join ActionIQ’s market experts as they kick back with a beer for a happy hour discussion on the latest trends in the CDP and martech space.  You’ll join…

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The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale

McKinsey: The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale

The Blueprint for Personalization at Scale Presented by Jason Heller, Partner, McKinsey & Company Personalization at scale is worth $1.7 – $3 trillion in new value to businesses who get it right. Seizing your fair share requires changing the very DNA of multiple functions, gaining organizational commitment, developing new capabilities, and making investments. In this…

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Building Intelligent Architecture for Scalable Personalization

Building Intelligent Architecture For Scalable Personalization ActionIQ On-Demand Webinar Insights-driven businesses — as Forrester calls them — are an economic tidal wave. They outperform competitors and win in their categories by personalizing at scale with data and insights. The sheer scale and velocity of their data-to-experience approach differentiates them from the rest of the pack.…

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