Don’t Be Late When Your Customers Show Up! Introducing the ActionIQ Real-Time Powerhouse

ActionIQ Real-Time Powerhouse

The Covid pandemic changed customer expectations forever. Not only do customers expect highly relevant and personalized experiences across each touchpoint from brands that know their history, but they also expect this personalization to happen in real-time.

However, brands have historically struggled to deliver those always-on experiences — limited by customer analytics systems focused on ‘batch’ or delayed analysis, taking hours to a full day to access updated customer intelligence. Even with the advent of data lakes and cloud data warehouses, these technologies continue to make true real-time an elusive dream.

ActionIQ is excited to introduce a new solution which combines the analytical intelligence of batch systems with the power of reacting to real-time behavioral signals within seconds. We named this solution Real-Time Powerhouse for its unique ability to sit on top of your Lakehouse (or any Data Warehouse), to combine true real-time with deep customer intelligence.

In this blog post, we will explore why alternative approaches have fallen short of meeting brand and consumer expectations, and we’ll dive into the exciting new opportunities brought to you by ActionIQ’s Real-Time Powerhouse.

Real-Time CX Infrastructure Has Been Playing Catch Up

When seeking solutions for real-time, enterprises have been confronted with three options, each carrying severe limitations:

Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) Vendors

These vendors often market themselves as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) despite lacking essential CDP capabilities. CDI vendors excel at capturing web and mobile events and routing these events to third-party systems in real-time. However, these real-time systems operate in isolation from historical customer behavior. Unfortunately, a system with only short-term memory cannot deliver relevant customer experiences.

Bundled Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendors

Despite their claims (and sometimes their names), most bundled CDPs do not genuinely support real-time. In reality, they silently attempt to redefine real-time as spanning minutes to hours. Their heavy, batch-oriented infrastructure hinders their ability to address real-time needs… in real-time.

Reverse ETL Vendors

Reverse ETL vendors can only be deployed on top of a data warehouse, relying on the data warehousing capabilities to accelerate data access. However, their excessive dependence on data warehouse capabilities kills their ambition to meet modern demands for real-time, as achieving latencies below a minute poses a significant challenge.

Introducing the ActionIQ Real-Time Powerhouse

Much has changed since ActionIQ launched its Real-Time Customer Experience (RTCX) offering. The most significant disruption in the market in 2023 has been the rise of composable architectures.

To date, ActionIQ remains the only CDP vendor offering three deployment options: bundled, fully composable and hybrid. Recognizing the diversity of enterprise organizations, ActionIQ strives to provide maximum flexibility and robust choices to enhance the value of its customer data stack.

Today, ActionIQ proudly unveils a groundbreaking innovation with the launch of the first Real-Time Powerhouse (RTP): a purpose-built infrastructure supporting enterprise needs for true real-time experiences.

The Real-Time Powerhouse seamlessly integrates with your data warehouse, data lake, or lakehouse, providing lower latency than any of these systems can deliver independently. This integration offers the unique ability to combine real-time behavioral signals with the comprehensive historical knowledge of your customer, ensuring instantaneous and well-informed decision-making.

ActionIQ introduces the first Real-Time Powerhouse
ActionIQ introduces the first Real-Time Powerhouse

Using the ActionIQ Real-Time Powerhouse, customers can:

  • Collect behavioral data
  • Resolve identities to ensure personalized experience for the right user
  • Retrieve historical data about the user
  • Make a decision
  • Activate the decision with the delivery system

All of this is achieved in seconds, eliminating the delays of minutes or hours or longer — with missed opportunities due to system latency.

Thanks to ActionIQ RTP, enterprise organizations can drive revenue growth and customer loyalty by serving highly personalized CX at the right place and time. Marketing and IT teams can streamline processes, eliminating complexity and manual efforts – and most importantly, customers will be delighted with consistent real-time experiences across every interaction with the brand – regardless of channels or proximity of interactions.

Customers are already leveraging ActionIQ Real-Time CX to power real-time use cases, such as converting high-intent customers who initiated an action but abandoned it. New sign-ups can start their onboarding experience immediately, and brand representatives are immediately alerted about relevant changes in customer accounts.

Stop Showing Up Too Late With ActionIQ Real-Time Powerhouse

With the launch of the first Real-Time Powerhouse on the market, ActionIQ promises to redefine the concept of real-time and its impact on enterprise organizations. ActionIQ RTP is currently in private preview, with more exciting updates set to be revealed in 2024.

Reach out to our ActionIQ experts to learn more about ActionIQ’s Composable CDP today.

Florian Delval
Florian Delval
Director, Technical PMM
For the last decade, Florian’s mission has been to empower enterprise organizations in their digital transformation process via the definition and deployment of a strong Customer Experience Stack. Florian educates enterprise organizations to increase the value of their technology investments in a complex and ever changing environment. Find him on LinkedIn.
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