ActionIQ Introduces Query Service: Expanding Self-Service Access for IT, Data and Analytics Teams

ActionIQ Introduces Query Service - Expanding Self-Service Capabilities for IT, Data and Analytics Teams

Effectively harnessing the power of data is a non-negotiable for businesses to thrive in the modern market. To activate personalized customer experiences with first-party data, many brands turn to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). ActionIQ is a leader in this field, offering a solution that democratizes data access. Through a user-friendly interface, business teams can interact with comprehensive customer data and self-serve their use cases, for agile, strategic decision-making.

But our commitment to bridge the gap between technical and business teams doesn’t stop there. We recognize the critical need to strike a balance between organizational agility, efficiency and control.

That’s why we’ve expanded our offerings to accommodate IT’s automation and control requirements alongside marketers’ self-service capabilities — starting with the introduction of the composable CDP deployment, made possible by HybridCompute.

As we partner with enterprise organizations to drive their CX success, we actively seek feedback from our clients and grow our capabilities to support that success. Technical users of ActionIQ wanted to deepen the level of data ownership — with the ability to self-serve data-driven insights to inform their growth. This led us to Query Service, the latest addition to the ActionIQ CX Hub, which opens the door to even more self-service data access for IT, data, and analytics teams.

Query Service: Self-Service Made Possible For IT

Query Service changes how IT, data and analytics teams interact with data within ActionIQ. It exposes an intuitive SQL interface that allows technical users to write and execute SQL queries on any customer data available within ActionIQ. Query Service provides two new interfaces to access your data:

  1. SQL Workbench: Run SQL SELECT queries on your data in a SQL editor UI, view columns and sample data, access a query audit history to keep tabs on query executions, create data visualizations using saved queries and more.
  2. JDBC Connector: Seamlessly integrate third-party tools using an industry-standard JDBC API for use cases such as advanced campaign reporting and automated data validation.
Query Service SQL Workbench Interface
Query Service SQL Workbench Interface

With Query Service, technical users can self-serve a wide range of use cases with increased agility and operational efficiency, including:

Data Validation & Exploration

What It is

Write ad-hoc queries against raw data or modeled data in ActionIQ for validation and troubleshooting. Perform lookups on schema and values in the table to identify the transformation logic for building attributes and audiences in ActionIQ.

Key Benefit

Eliminates delays and external communication, streamlining implementation, accelerating new data set rollouts, and ensuring timely campaign execution. Technical users can navigate and explore their customer data landscape with precision, unlocking deeper insights within their data sets.

Automated Data Observability

What It is

Integrate with your data observability stack using Query Service’s JDBC connector to automatically monitor key metrics by querying data in ActionIQ and receive alerts when issue arises.

Key Benefit

Take a proactive approach to enhance decision-making, minimize data-related problems, and boost overall operational efficiency. Technical users can gain real-time visibility into data health and promptly take corrective actions when necessary.

Reporting & Dashboarding

What It is

Enable advanced campaign reporting and dashboard collaboration by querying data directly in ActionIQ from preferred BI tools.

Key Benefit

Forget about the need for extensive engineering efforts to set up additional ETL pipelines, thanks to the JDBC connector. Plugging into your preferred BI tools instantly to accelerate ad-hoc reporting workflows, enable real-time collaboration and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Achieving Data-Driven Decision Excellence

With the addition of Query Service, ActionIQ CX Hub enhances visibility and control for technical users across both bundled, and composable deployments (powered by HybridCompute). By gaining direct access to the raw data available in ActionIQ, IT, data and analytics teams are in the driver’s seat to ensure data is not just accessible but also reliable for marketers to leverage downstream, reinforcing ownership and confidence.

Technical teams at ActionIQ’s B2B Tech, Retail, and Media & Publishing clients are actively incorporating Query Service into their daily utilization of the ActionIQ platform. This equips their marketing teams with high-quality data and deep insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and activate personalized experiences at scale.

Get Started With Query Service

The ActionIQ Query Service is now available in public beta as a key component of ActionIQ CX Hub’s CDP module. Check out our ActionIQ Query Service Solution Sheet or contact us to learn how ActionIQ Query Service can empower IT teams with self-service capabilities, laying the foundation for the personalized experiences that marketers execute.

Sophie Wang
Sophie Wang
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Sophie is a strategic and data-driven marketer who's passionate about turning customer insights into exceptional experiences. She uses her technical expertise to help enterprise organizations overcome data challenges and support digital transformation.
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