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Increase Match Rates and Decrease Costs: Your Guide to Leaving LiveRamp

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the adtech room — it’s time to talk about plummeting match rates, high acquisition costs and operational inefficiency — that’s right, it’s…

Teradata Possible 2023

We had an exciting week in Orlando at Teradata Possible 2023 — bringing together the latest and greatest insights across the AI, data, and cloud technology community. From learning about…

How Atlassian Scaled: 5X Reach and 71% More Conversions

Behind every single marketing campaign is an even better customer data strategy. And those don’t happen by accident — especially in a complex, B2B environment. Founded in 2002, Atlassian’s mission…

ActionIQ Introduces Query Service - Expanding Self-Service Capabilities for IT, Data and Analytics Teams

Effectively harnessing the power of data is a non-negotiable for businesses to thrive in the modern market. To activate personalized customer experiences with first-party data, many brands turn to Customer…

Dreamforce 2023: “It’s not magic, it’s real.”

After Salesforce Dreamforce 2023, it’s time to share some fresh thoughts about the 2023 vintage. Forward Looking Statements at Dreamforce 2023 If you joined any session (on time), you couldn’t…

How Snowflake Partners With ActionIQ to Compose Customer Experiences - ActionIQ Named in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

We love counting ourselves as Snowflake partners — and we’re thrilled to be named in the Snowflake Modern Marketing Data Stack Report. Today, Snowflake released their Modern Marketing Data Stack…

Choosing a CDP That Drives Magic Results for Your Salesforce Tech Stack

Stack to the status quo. Feels easy, but won’t actually help you grow in the modern market. Enterprise businesses have evolved past the “build vs. buy” debate, and are embracing…

Demystifying CDPs: Composable CDPs, Reverse ETLs and Hybrids

There has been a lot of talk recently on what is a customer data platform (CDP) versus some of the other new category terms, leading to debate on social media…

The Case for Federated Identity in Acquisition Marketing

The only certainty within digital advertising is uncertainty — the reasons why are clear. Across governmental regulation, consumer preference, web browser-based limitations, etc.; what would be viable now will almost…

How CDP Technology Dramatically Cuts Costs and Drives Revenue

CDP technology is revolutionizing how brands cut costs and boost revenue. With the right customer data platform (CDP), you can slash customer acquisition costs, reduce churn, and streamline operations. This…

The Salesforce Lawsuit Is an Important Lesson for CDP Buyers

For enterprise brands navigating the rapidly changing terrain of customer data platforms (CDPs), making the right choice in a technology partner is a daunting task. Recent controversy surrounding Salesforce’s CDP,…

ChatGPT for Business - Our Results Creating Audiences from Natural Language Requests

This blog post on ChatGPT for business is the last of a series we started on artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI, with opportunities in GenAI, AI challenges and how…