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How to Use Customer Data

When I began working in CRM and analytics, brands segmented audiences in a highly rigid, top-down way. For example, to attract high-value customers (HVCs), they targeted consumers based on a…

cdp rfp guide

Marketers in charge of establishing a single view of their customers face a daunting task. They’re bombarded by vendors in an unregulated Customer Data Platform (CDP) marketplace including tried-and-true offerings…

ActionIQ’s Tamara Gruzbarg joined visionary Cindy Marshall, CEO & Founder of Shine Strategy, for a discussion on the future of retail.

Vera Bradley and ActionIQ at CRMC

ActionIQ’s own Tasso Argyros, co-founder and CEO, joined the Vera Bradley’s Chief Customer Officer, Daren Hull, for a panel on using first-party customer data to drive personalized experiences at scale.

Marketing Cloud CDP

It’s a fascinating time for data-driven marketing. Vendors have been heads-down, releasing ever-valuable features towards personalization, and marketing cloud vendors are revealing their much-anticipated customer data platforms (CDPs). Christmas may…

James Meyers joined ActionIQ

First, I want to briefly thank my leaders at ActionIQ for offering me this amazing opportunity. Joining ActionIQ presents two exciting opportunities:  the opportunity to help organizations create informed marketing…

Despite the early hour, attendees at the Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2019 packed into a 7:30am panel discussion entitled “Hierarchy of CDP Needs—How To Achieve Brand Self-Actualization.”

Pandora Media, a16z and ActionIQ came together at SFMoMA to discuss the critical role of personalization at scale in the digital age.

A stellar group of forward-thinking retailers gathered at Retail Ascendant to discuss agile management teams, next-generation consumer experiences, and future-proof retail technology.

Adobe & Salesforce join the CDP Club

3 Questions Every Brand Should Before They Consider Leveraging a Marketing Cloud as their CDP The Customer Data Platform market continues to evolve with CDP Marketing Cloud claims from both…

Read our key takeaways and why we think Shoptalk has quickly become one of the must-attend events for retailers in the digital age.

Read more to learn why the Glossy event was a fantastic way to explore innovations in the rapidly evolving world of fashion and beauty marketing.