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Composability is Here to Stay: A Gartner IT Symposium Recap

After four days at the Gartner IT Symposium spent among thousands of IT leaders across regions and industries, we returned with some clear themes to report on that are paving…

Powering Loyalty With Your Customer Engagement Strategy

For large retail brands housing multiple product categories and numerous customer segments, customer loyalty is not defined solely by a stellar loyalty program. True loyalty ultimately relies on a holistic…

Real Time Solutions-for-Personalized-Experiences-CX-in-Action

The CX in Action blog series is designed to help you upgrade your customer experience strategy with examples from leading enterprise brands. Check out our post on real-time solutions for…

Executing an Omnichannel Customer Journey Strategy at Speed & Scale: 3 Tips from Atlassian

Large enterprises like Atlassian that juggle numerous products and business units have no shortage of customer data. But unlocking deeper insights from that data to create meaningful, connected customer journeys…

How Hearst Harnesses First-Party Data to Drive Conversions

Given that Google recently pushed out its date to deprecate third-party cookies to late 2024, it’s tempting to think the reprieves will continue. But relying on continued postponements is a…

Future-Proof Your Identity Strategy With an Agnostic Approach

How have things changed since third-party cookie deprecation first sent shockwaves across the advertising landscape? Have you defined a new identity strategy? A little more than a year after Google…

What do you get when fun and whimsical crosses the line into “Alice in Wonderland”-weird? You get Dreamforce 2022, the return of Salesforce’s annual mega-conference after a two-year digital quarantine….

Why Reverse ETL is Only One Piece of the Data Puzzle - HybridCompute.png

Data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises, but the average business professional likely doesn’t know what IT teams have to do to make it available to them. Centralizing and organizing…

3 Holiday Season Trends to Watch for in 2022

The holidays are right around the corner, bringing huge revenue opportunities for retailers. And just like in 2021, there are key holiday season trends to be aware of. Retail sales…

Composable CDP Is Now on the Menu

There’s been a major shift in how enterprise organizations approach their customer data stacks — and it’s being driven by IT teams. Thanks to them, the composable CDP will become…

Modernize Your Acquisition Strategy By Decommissioning Your DMP

You can future-proof your acquisition strategy to prepare for an ever-evolving environment by sunsetting your data management platform (DMP). The death of third-party cookies has continued to evolve. Google recently…

3 Ways to Transform CX for Your Policyholders’ End-to-End Experiences

Insurance go-to-market strategies are complex, to put it mildly. The various lines of business, the vast array of channels and the state-specific regulations all make engagement and customer journey orchestration…