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ActionIQ Introduces 3D Identity Graph to Boost Match Rates and Slash Customer Acquisition Costs - Speak to Any Layer of Your Customer Identity

In the digital age, where reality blends with the virtual, online customers defy the conventions of identity. Many of them — in fact, many of us have not one or…

linkedin actioniq

Today, we are thrilled to announce ActionIQ’s integration with LinkedIn Ads via Matched Audiences, and ActionIQ joining LinkedIn’s Marketing Partner Program. What’s even more exciting is that LinkedIn Ads just…

Enhanced Tracking and Optimization For Marketers in a Privacy-First Era

After third-party cookies, marketers are looking to enhance tracking and optimization — and if you’re part of the digital advertising world, the term “Conversions API” (or “CAPI”) has likely caught…

How to Change Your Banking Customer Experience Game

This piece is co-authored with Jeremy Lyon, Senior Solutions Consultant, ActionIQ Having spent my career in Financial Services across all aspects of the MarTech space, I have some perspective on…

How Liberty Latin America Enables Personalization Without Data Replication

Data replication is at odds with every IT team’s imperative — keep data secure, keep costs low and get the best insights. And its implications reach across the enterprise business….

How to Future-Ready Your CX: Key Insights From IDC, Teradata and ActionIQ

Going back to the 1950’s or 1960’s, store owners knew all of their customers — very personally. They had their preferences in mind, knew what they may like next as…

LLMs for Enterprises

Data is the Key to LLMs for Enterprises Generative AI is a lot like the discovery of gold. At a time when the market has been calling for greater scrutiny…

Increase Match Rates and Decrease Costs: Your Guide to Leaving LiveRamp

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the adtech room — it’s time to talk about plummeting match rates, high acquisition costs and operational inefficiency — that’s right, it’s…

Teradata Possible 2023

We had an exciting week in Orlando at Teradata Possible 2023 — bringing together the latest and greatest insights across the AI, data, and cloud technology community. From learning about…

How Atlassian Scaled: 5X Reach and 71% More Conversions

Behind every single marketing campaign is an even better customer data strategy. And those don’t happen by accident — especially in a complex, B2B environment. Founded in 2002, Atlassian’s mission…

ActionIQ Introduces Query Service - Expanding Self-Service Capabilities for IT, Data and Analytics Teams

Effectively harnessing the power of data is a non-negotiable for businesses to thrive in the modern market. To activate personalized customer experiences with first-party data, many brands turn to Customer…

Dreamforce 2023: “It’s not magic, it’s real.”

After Salesforce Dreamforce 2023, it’s time to share some fresh thoughts about the 2023 vintage. Forward Looking Statements at Dreamforce 2023 If you joined any session (on time), you couldn’t…