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CDP Technologies

MarTech Series Interview with Tasso Argyros on CDPs

In a wide-ranging interview with MarTech Series, ActionIQ co-founder and CEOTasso Argyros discusses our take …Continue Reading

Data Unification

Three Reasons Why a Data Strategy is Imperative

Data has a way of pushing organizations to rush. There’s an urgency to catch up …Continue Reading

Customer Loyalty

Make Your Loyalty Program Stand Out From the Crowd

Loyalty is booming; just take a look at the numbers. According to Colloquy, U.S. consumers …Continue Reading

Data Unification

Overcoming Dirty Data and Other Roadblocks to Data Activation

By now, every relevant corporation in the world has emphasized data as a keystone of …Continue Reading

Six steps to enhance your customer loyalty and retention program

Customer Experiences

Don’t Focus on the Touchpoint or Transaction, Focus on the Journey

In today’s data-driven marketing department it is easy to get sucked into a complete focus …Continue Reading

Personalization at Scale

3 Tips to Improve Personalization

For digital marketers, it’s time to take things personally—and in a major way. Personalization is …Continue Reading

Personalization at Scale

Speed Should be a Marketer’s Best Friend

We live in a world of rapid acceleration. Attention spans are shrinking. Consumers bounce across …Continue Reading

Personalization at Scale

It’s Your Business To Get Personal

You know the old saying, “It’s not personal, it’s business.” That certainly doesn’t apply to …Continue Reading

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