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AI & Predictive Analytics

Give ‘Em a Break: Let Marketing Analysts Do Their “Real” Job

Despite the fact that the enterprise is looking to grow their analytics ranks, finding and …Continue Reading

Testing & Measurement

ABT – Always Be Testing: A Test-Driven Marketing Organization Is the Only Path to Success

Last year, Facebook made a groundbreaking decision to forego significant ad revenue in favor of …Continue Reading

Marketing Self-Service

Simplifying Integration: The Difference Between Unchained and Unhinged

With all the data that’s available at our fingertips, you’d think it would be easy …Continue Reading


Discount Less, Analyze and Test More During the Holiday Marketing Rush

Black Friday. The phrase alone can send shivers down the retail marketing spine. But, over …Continue Reading

Data Unification

Accelerate Your Marketing to Win Big with Big Data

Failure is okay. I suggest failure all the time. But let me be more specific. …Continue Reading

Marketing Self-Service

The Evolution of Big Data in Three Steps

  I’ve seen the progression of big data over time, with each wave advancing further …Continue Reading


Why Offline Retail Has Better Data Than Online Retail

This article originally appeared on PSFK and is written by Healey Cypher, co-founder and CEO …Continue Reading

AIQ Team

ActionIQ Merges Customer Data Without Reformatting

This article originally appeared at the Customer Experience Matrix by David Raab. “One of the …Continue Reading

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