Executing an Omnichannel Customer Journey Strategy at Speed & Scale: 3 Tips from Atlassian

Executing an Omnichannel Customer Journey Strategy at Speed & Scale: 3 Tips from Atlassian

Large enterprises like Atlassian that juggle numerous products and business units have no shortage of customer data. But unlocking deeper insights from that data to create meaningful, connected customer journeys is no easy feat. And executing an omnichannel customer journey strategy is even harder.

The process to orchestrate a successful customer journey strategy is threefold:

  1. Centralizing all customer data
  2. Making the data accessible to the right teams
  3. Enabling teams to uncover deeper insights to inform connected, personalized journeys across channels

Investing in the right technology can empower teams to self-serve insights, offer centralized visibility into where customer activations are happening and deliver the flexibility needed to scale and grow with your organization for the long haul.

In our recent webinar — How Atlassian Drives Impactful Cross-Product CX to Expand With Existing Customers — we spoke to Caleb Trecek, Senior Marketing Operations Technology Manager at Atlassian, about the brand’s challenges around customer journey management and how they leverage ActionIQ to democratize customer insights to drive agility and scale.

Here are the top three takeaways from that discussion.

Executing an Omnichannel Customer Journey Strategy at Speed & Scale: 3 Tips from Atlassian

1. Organize & Centralize Customer Data With the Right Tech

Superior customer journey management starts and ends with having the right martech stack in place to support your strategy.

Data is a driving force for organizational decision-making, so it’s critical that teams have access to a central solution that can unify customer data while providing the flexibility and scalability to evolve with an ever-changing organization.

“We have a very complex data environment in terms of the way we can relate data to understand different customer segments,” said Trecek. “We’re an enterprise organization with billions of rows of data. We can get pretty layered when it comes to the complexity of the data we have [which is why] we needed the ability to really harness the power of that data and make it easily usable for business users.”

For Atlassian, the added complexity of its multi-product offering, numerous levels of B2B and B2C entities and massive data sets resulted in consistent process inefficiencies that hindered growth.

“That’s why we really went on this journey… to dive into the world of CDP more directly so we can figure out how we can organize our data [so the business can] scale their audience building and orchestration.”

A tool that can support the volume and complexity of customer data is a great starting point for successful customer journey management, but there’s more to it than just data organization. In order to fully automate and scale, business teams need visibility into the full customer lifecycle and to be able to pull the insights they need without having to rely on other teams.

2. Empower Teams to Scale Audiences & Activations

Once marketers are able to self-serve the customer insights they need, they should then be able to empower their teams to activate on it.

ActionIQ offers a seamless interface for teams to independently create audience segments, orchestrate campaigns and build omnichannel journeys from acquisition to retention.

“We really wanted to unlock the power for our teams who were already building audiences to build them faster,” Trecek continued, “or for those that didn’t have that ability to start building and exploring more in-depth audiences through a platform like ActionIQ.”

When evaluating solutions, Trecek emphasized ease of use as a factor in their search.

“When we were looking at platforms, a big area of focus was the ability to leverage our data without SQL knowledge to build audiences. After we saw ActionIQ’s platform we really understood that we could likely reduce the amount of time it takes someone to build an audience by probably 50% because it’s just really intuitive.”

With an intuitive interface, business teams are able adopt a more customer-centric approach rather a than a channel-centric one – using customer data as building blocks to drive personalized messaging across the omnichannel customer journey quickly.

3. Experiment & Optimize the Customer Journey

The ability to orchestrate and manage a multi-step omnichannel customer journey for different audience segments allows marketers to truly meet the customer where they are with personalized and timely messaging – maximizing customer lifetime value, marketing efficiency, retention and cross-sell.

“One of our priorities is really the scaling of our customer journey orchestration,” said Trecek, “we’re really in the process of looking at existing journeys and figuring out how we can optimize [them]. How do we bring in additional data to better leverage additional channels.”

As customer behavior and channels are constantly evolving, it’s important to continue testing and optimizing journeys for different audiences, channels and objectives to ensure marketing teams are consistently aligned with customer needs.

“When I think long term, that’s really going to involve bringing in all of our channels into ActionIQ and building the connected customer experience throughout the platform,” Trecek added.

Check out the full webinar featuring Atlassian to learn more about how they leverage ActionIQ to deliver a consistent, personalized customer experience across the entire customer journey.

Learn More About Crafting an Omnichannel Customer Journey

Download our B2B Guide to Audience Segmentation to learn how ActionIQ’s CX Hub can help you drive growth, improve organizational agility and consistently deliver superior customer experiences across the customer lifecycle.

We also invite you to contact us directly to get your questions answered.

Ariane Sedghi
Ariane Sedghi
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Ariane is a dynamic product marketer supporting enterprise businesses in delivering authentic customer experiences. She drives impactful customer programs and thought leadership across ActionIQ’s expansive client base — educating the market on the value of ActionIQ that has powered growth for brands including The Washington Post, Michael Kors, Docusign, Conde Nast, Hertz and more. Find her on LinkedIn.
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