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McKinsey: How to Start Building Your Next-Gen Operating Model

Ryan Greene

Head of Product Marketing

McKinsey’s Joao Dias, David Hamilton, and Christopher Paquette recently published an incredibly in-depth report about the technology and organizational strategies needed for a modern operating model.

“How to Start Building Your Next-Generation Operating Model” is chock full of insights that illuminate why this is often a struggle for organizations—and why they have only seen marginal benefits for the most part. The key takeaway? There is no silver bullet; it takes serious investment, thoughtful strategy, and a methodical execution plan. In short – you are going to have to
bust some glass within the organization.

The article includes several key “building blocks,” including “autonomous and cross-functional teams anchored in customer journeys, products, and services.” For marketing this couldn’t be more true. Organizational agility and the creation of cross-functional teams with the customer experience in mind is paramount in any effort to build a sustained omnichannel strategy and operating model.

Another building block is “agile, customer-centric culture demonstrated at all levels and role modeled from the top.” Again, marketing organizations can take a page from this. It’s time to accelerate, and don’t be afraid to fail. And certainly don’t sacrifice speed and execution for perfection.

Be sure to check out the full article!

Written By

Head of Product Marketing

Ryan Greene is an expert on the intersection of customer data and digital strategies who has led big data marketing initiatives within the retail and financial services industries. Ryan joined ActionIQ because he believes business stakeholders are most effective when they have user-friendly solutions to extract intelligence and value from all their data.



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