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MarTech Series Interview with Tasso Argyros on CDPs

Authored by Tasso Argyros

In a wide-ranging interview with MarTech Series, ActionIQ co-founder and CEOTasso Argyros discusses our take on customer data platforms, CDP’s influence on audience conversion, and how ActionIQ is preparing for an AI-centric world.

Here are a few excerpts:

What Motivated You to Create a Customer Data Platform

“In addition to founding Aster Data, I’ve worked with some of the top global firms across several industries to put customer data in the hands of marketers. In these roles, I found that often, getting customer data insights from the engineering team over to the marketing team was difficult, would take forever, and sometimes, would never even happen. And yet these insights could make the company millions of dollars.”

What CDPs Will Look Like in 2020

“One of the biggest breakthroughs of next-generation Enterprise CDPs is that marketers at even the largest companies can create and change customer attributes on the fly rather than relying on their IT team to put changes into effect, putting the power of customer data directly in the hands of marketers.”

The Relationship Between CDPs and AI

“Proper predictive modeling requires a solid data foundation, which most marketers lack, and constant customization by data scientists, which marketers cannot afford… At ActionIQ, we focus on building the best data capabilities in the market – scalability, flexibility and speed of data – and building on top of this foundation we have an ambitious roadmap to deploy AI to make Marketers smarter and more successful.”

The Best Advice You Ever Got

“When I was a PhD at Stanford, my advisor was a Canadian professor named David Cheriton. David has had a spectacular career by any measure, having been a pioneer in computer science research, a successful entrepreneur and the first angel investor in Google. Back in 2005, I was considering starting my first company but I was too early in my PhD journey to graduate quickly. So I asked David if I should do both the startup and the PhD. He said, ‘the problem with doing two things is that you have to compete with people that only do one.’ He was right! That taught me the value of focus in business.”

Read the full interview at MarTech Series.



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