Improving B2B CX With Stronger 1st-Party Data

Improving B2B CX With Stronger 1st-Party Data

Rising consumer expectations and a competitive business landscape mean it’s never been more important to know who your customers are. And with the disappearance of anonymous third-party data for audience insights and targeting, business-to-business brands must do so using their own data.

While B2B companies have long been on the cutting edge of personalized customer experiences — from account-based marketing to dynamic content creation — too many have relied on limited customer insights to plan and execute their marketing strategies.

With nearly 40% of marketers planning to increase their use of customer data platforms (CDP) this year, it’s clear that B2B brands must invest in authenticated first-party data to stay competitive and deliver the personalized customer experiences modern buyers demand.

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B2B Buyers Expect B2C Experiences

B2B deals aren’t just bigger than their B2C counterparts, they’re also more complicated and time-consuming. Approximately six to 10 people are typically involved in a B2B purchasing decision, and 77% of them agree on one thing: The process is too complex and difficult.

With more decision-makers to convince and a longer sales cycle to deal with, B2B brands face more obstacles to delivering tailored, relevant experiences throughout the buyer’s journey. Yet customer expectations continue to grow — 73% of B2B executives say expectations for personalized customer experiences have risen significantly over the years.

In order to deliver, B2B companies must know exactly who they’re talking to and enable their brand representatives to access and leverage this information throughout the sales cycle. That’s why ActionIQ has partnered with Data Axle to help B2B brands enhance account-based identity resolution and enrichment.

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Assemble and Activate Customer Data

The strategic partnership between ActionIQ and Data Axle combines the former’s algorithmic-based identity stitching with the latter’s authoritative-based ID resolution, creating a single solution organizations can use to improve identity matching and enrich customer data.

Using this solution, B2B companies can not only increase match rates, addressability and linkages across account-level profiles — including corporate, location and individual profiles — but unify data in a single user-friendly interface designed for business users. This empowers brands to analyze behaviors, predict next-best experiences and orchestrate omnichannel journeys at scale, spotlighting specific products and services based on customer actions.

With Data Axle’s comprehensive database of North American businesses and ActionIQ’s turnkey operational layer, B2B organizations can extract more valuable insights from their customer data, refine their targeting and deliver helpful, highly relevant customer experiences across all online and offline touchpoints.

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Bolster Your B2B Data Strategy

By resolving customer identities instead of relying on siloed or incomplete customer records, brands are able to provide more personalized experiences. And by expanding beyond their own data sources to enrich these customer identities, B2B companies can create more accurate and valuable profiles to operationalize for modeling, segmentation and activation.

Together, this helps organizations increase new customer acquisition and boost upsell and cross-sell rates across their customer base — all while reducing churn and eliminating duplicate records.

With Data Axle named a leader in B2B marketing data providers and ActionIQ voted No. 1 in customer satisfaction among marketers, you can be confident you’ll have the tools you need to not just meet customer expectations, but exceed them.

Learn More

Check out the press release to learn more about the partnership between ActionIQ and Data Axle or contact one of our experts to discover how this solution can help your business.

George Phipps
George Phipps
Director of Product Marketing
George is dedicated to educating enterprise businesses about the impact on customer experience and organizational performance enabled by centralizing customer data. He works closely with creative and prolific engineers, UX designers, marketers to help design and enhance technologies that improve access to customers' data.
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