No Data Replication, All Personalization: How Liberty Latin America Composed Their Marketing Stack

How Liberty Latin America Enables Personalization Without Data Replication

Data replication is at odds with every IT team’s imperative — keep data secure, keep costs low and get the best insights. And its implications reach across the enterprise business.

Not only does data replication incur added storage costs and increased security associated with moving data out of a source of truth, but it slows the marketing team down from getting insights-driven campaigns out quickly.

That complexity in security needs grows when your business operates in different markets, with different data storage requirements. That’s why Liberty Latin America (LLA), a leading telecommunications company, decided to go zero-copy and tap into their AWS Redshift Warehouse with a customer data platform (CDP) to save their “SQL Guys” time, give marketers access to activate insights and maintain every standard of security and governance.

Below, get the key takeaways from our conversation with Mauricio Romero, Senior Director of Advanced Analytics and Data Governance at Liberty Latin America, to get LLA’s data design and key use cases.

The Problem With Data Replication

Data Replication Financial and Operational Costs

With many copies, comes high costs. Many vendors have deep resource requirements from the data warehouse, data lake or wherever an enterprise organization’s data is stored. Pulling that data in different directions outside of the central store is not only costly, but also puts security and governance at risk with the maintenance of files in multiple locations and systems.

Data replication also causes a lag from insight to activation. As the data warehouses continue to process and append data to their source systems, they may need to go through lengthy processes to move it out to alternative systems.

The Data Replication Strain on Liberty Latin America’s Flow

The Liberty Latin America team wanted to rectify some key pain points with a customer data platform.

First, they wanted to reduce their reliance on BI teams. Previously, whenever a marketer needed an audience or segment or to understand which attributes to prioritize, they relied on the SQL analyst to access those insights.

Secondly, once the audience was created, they needed to be able to build the communication and make sure that they were applying feedback from their campaigns, understanding how things performed and what should come next — quickly.

Lastly, as a multi-region company, they needed to manage data and regulations in specific markets and make sure everything was compliant.

How Liberty Latin America Combats Data Replication With an Open Data Platform

Liberty Latin America’s Four Key Criteria for a CDP

When Liberty Latin America set out to select a CDP to support those challenges, they developed four key criteria to their search:

  • Integrations: Seamless integration within Liberty Latin America’s existing tech stack was key for their team — specifically to integrate with Amazon Redshift, their data warehouse.
  • Business UI: For the marketing and service teams to quickly access and utilize information, they needed self-service access to a single customer view for audience building and activation.
  • Flexibility: Liberty Latin America needed the CDP to have a flexible, adaptable approach to evolve with the market, their business and architecture, and to support any future use cases.
  • Partnership and Credibility: Finding a solution that was able to handle enterprise-grade scale, complexity and security within a multi-country environment was a non-negotiable.

“In our evaluation we weren’t even considering support for regulatory challenges, but it was nice to find a solution that enabled that part — something very close to my interest,” Romero noted.

Enter the Composable CDP and ActionIQ’s HybridCompute

When you think about the enterprise world today, with all of the different touchpoints and points of collection with where the data is coming from — from direct web, customer service, transactions, in store (and the list goes on) — the data warehouse brings all of those elements together and structures that data. ActionIQ sits on top of the data warehouse to activate identification, real-time interactions, journey orchestration and all with the business-friendly, self-service UI. But the real key piece is this zero-copy infrastructure. We don’t have to do any data replication — rather, ActionIQ can generate that same scale of experiences without creating a copy.

Data Replication - secure IT infrastructure

“It was incredibly important for us to be able to look at the market shift to see the rise of the data warehouses, like Snowflake or Databricks or Teradata as they came to extreme prevalence. As a CDP, are we opening up our environment to allow for those changes to be replicated across and match that strength?” asked Tim Mattessich, Client Partner at ActionIQ.

How Liberty Latin America Eliminated Data Replication by Connecting to their Redshift Data Lake

Liberty Latin America discovered that ActionIQ’s HybridCompute had the qualifications of what they needed in a CDP.

Romero explained, “Finding HybridCompute was kind of a pleasant surprise… Instead of just replicating random amounts of data where you are just dumping data into a CDP and ending up with a mess that nobody understands, now we have our semantic layer that we fully understand.”

No data replication - bundled vs composable CDP

Liberty Latin America was able to get started in just a few days with the seamless integration ActionIQ has with Amazon Redshift — in that time they were up and running with 30 cloud tables, 4 markets launched, 468+ attributes in redshift and deployed in 75% less time.

Liberty Latin America Avoids Data Replication with HybridCompute Deployment from ActionIQ

“Now it’s easy for us to understand what is there and what’s possible for commercial teams… that enables us to understand scalability, and key priorities we need to include in the future.”
Mauricio Romero

The Results from Deploying HybridCompute

With HybridCompute, Liberty Latin America was able to streamline their campaign management, regulatory management and unlock cost savings. Automated contact journeys and feedback management made their team more agile, with a reduction in go-live campaigns from weeks to just days. With the ability to create separate environments with market-specific requirements and improved data consistency, the team was able to deliver on their governance goals. And by cutting down on resources from data duplication, the Liberty Latin America team reduced time and effort maintaining multiple data structures, and cut down on storage costs.

Key Use Cases Launched With Liberty Latin America and ActionIQ

To get started, the Liberty Latin America team launched three use cases with ActionIQ:

  • With proactive upsell and cross-sell, the team improved the conversion rate of CVM campaigns and maximized uplift by managing contacts with centralized data and campaign feedback. This resulted in a 9% increase in open rate compared to their previous CDP deployment.
  • With reactive upsell and cross-sell, the team leverages every customer contact with the customer service call center to offer them Customer Value Management campaigns, resulting in a 3% increase in conversion rate on received calls.
  • By automating manual debt collection campaigns, the result was an overall decrease in manual intervention and resources.

Say Goodbye to Data Duplication with HybridCompute

HybridCompute is streamlining data, simplifying campaign management, and offering seamless personalization to clients like Liberty Latin America. With enhanced control with existing infrastructure keeping maintenance centralized with zero copies required to activate, brands are unlocking cost, efficiency, and ease.

HybridCompute puts the control back into your IT team’s hands to decide where you want your data to live — in the data warehouse, CDP or a combination of both — with the flexibility to adjust and change your strategy if you need to.

Reach out to our team to see if you qualify for a no-cost proof of concept with HybridCompute.

Ariane Sedghi
Ariane Sedghi
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Ariane is a dynamic product marketer supporting enterprise businesses in delivering authentic customer experiences. She drives impactful customer programs and thought leadership across ActionIQ’s expansive client base — educating the market on the value of ActionIQ that has powered growth for brands including The Washington Post, Michael Kors, Docusign, Conde Nast, Hertz and more. Find her on LinkedIn.
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