Why You Need to POC Your CDP: Benefits and Use Cases

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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a big commitment — we get it.

It’s a commitment for your entire team. Your data and technology teams need to make sure that the solution will connect to all of your other tools, that your data is secure and moving the way that it needs to, and that costs are low. Your marketing team needs to make sure that they can connect to customers quickly and easily with personalized moments. Your whole company needs to make sure that the CDP will meet critical objectives and goals for your business.

Bringing the wrong CDP into your customer data stack has the potential to cause some serious damage to your business — if it lacks speed, you lose revenue. If it lacks connection, you lose context. If it lacks usability for data and customer experience teams, you lose time.

In other words, it’s a make or break situation.

But there’s one kind of CDP that lets you go ahead and take the wheel for a test-drive before you buy (we’re talking all-wheel drive). That’s why ActionIQ is offering a no-cost, zero-risk Proof of Concept (POC) with its Composable CDP. Below we’ll take a look at benefits and specific use cases you can explore with ActionIQ’s POC.

The Composable Difference

Unlike traditional CDP vendors that require data to be pulled into the CDP, ActionIQ’s composable architecture can map to existing data sources like Snowflake or Databricks, making setup a breeze.

All you have to do is bring your data from an existing cloud data warehouse like Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery or AWS, and watch as a simple marketer-friendly interface gets quickly mapped directly to the data where it lives — no data copy required.

This process takes only minutes to complete, and allows business users to test self-service audience building and journey mapping, and data teams to test and validate queries natively pushing down to their existing data warehouse investment.

Why You Need to POC Your CDP

Before you commit to a CDP, you should make sure that you can test its capabilities. Here’s why you need to POC, with some benefits you can only see with a Composable CDP.

Fast Track Your Adoption Process

Conducting a POC for your CDP expedites the validation of technology. Getting hands-on experience serves to not only affirm the capabilities of the platform but also to foster trust and align teams on the proposed solution. By engaging in a POC, businesses can fast-track their understanding of a solution’s offerings, facilitating quicker decision-making and implementation.

Get Hands-On Experience

A POC provides a firsthand encounter with the advantages of connecting directly to comprehensive enterprise data with a Composable CDP. You can get deep insights into the speed with which their teams can get valuable information and activate those insights. This tangible experience allows stakeholders to see the practical benefits of incorporating a solution into their data management and analytics processes.

Validate the Technology

A POC offers data teams the assurance of maintaining data integrity and security by keeping it in its original location with composability and allows them to test and validate queries natively pushing down to their existing data warehouse investment. The technology validation aspect of the POC provides peace of mind for data and technology teams.

Use Cases You Can Explore in a POC With ActionIQ

In the POC, marketers have the opportunity to explore ActionIQ’s functionalities and various aspects of audience building, campaign activation, journey orchestration, and segmentation use cases. Below are some of the specific use cases that can be explored during the Proof of Concept.

Welcome Journey

Explore how ActionIQ enables the creation and optimization of welcome journeys for new customers. See the platform’s ability to engage new subscribers more effectively with richer data, more intelligence and a holistic multi-channel experience to increase lifetime value by targeting new subscribers with personalized content and offers based on Profile, Email or Browsing Behavior.

Cross Sell and Up-Sell

With cross-sell and upsell use cases, you can increase exposure to and engagement with multiple relevant product offerings using richer data, more intelligence and a holistic multi-channel experience. Customers who buy cross-category are proven to have higher lifetime value. In the POC, you can see how ActionIQ facilitates cross-sell and upsell use cases by identifying and targeting relevant audience segments to maximize revenue opportunities based on behavioral and purchasing signals.

Dynamic Suppression

With dynamic, targeted suppression of your customer list on paid media channels, you can spend where it matters — acquiring new customers. See ActionIQ’s dynamic suppression features, which allow marketers to strategically exclude specific segments from campaigns, ensuring that your marketing team is delivering relevant experiences.

Ready to Start Your Engines?

Your CDP investment is too important to leave up to chance. Make sure that when you’re evaluating CDPs, the solution allows you to test and explore for yourself so you have confidence in your investment, and alignment for your team.

Julia Michaelis
Julia Michaelis
Sr. Content Marketing Manager
Julia is a product and brand storyteller, focusing on all of the different strategies that enable amazing customer outcomes. She lives in Brooklyn with her terrier Lee.
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