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Want to Compete in Retail in a Post-Amazon World? Here’s How.

It’s true that Amazon is disrupting the retail industry. In fewer than 10 years, it has become the dominant player in nearly every consumer retail product category and during that time its yearly growth rate has been above 20% every single year. So it would be easy to blame the current U.S. retail industry meltdown…

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Javelin Group: What’s in Store for the Next 10 Years of Retail?

Will Treasure, Javelin Group’s Director of Operations, recently published an interesting list of predictions for the future of retail. “Retailing is a particularly dynamic industry, and in 100 years has changed from the butcher and baker ‘living over the shop’ via organized retail, self-service, and big-box to today’s omni-channel,” Treasure writes. We couldn’t agree more.…

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Discount Less, Analyze and Test More During the Holiday Marketing Rush

Black Friday. The phrase alone can send shivers down the retail marketing spine. But, over time, it has transformed from a one-day, brick-and-mortar, consumer-driven shopping mania to drawn out hype and discounts weeks (and now months) ahead of time. Black Friday isn’t just a day any more–it’s an entire season. According to research from Market…

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Why Offline Retail Has Better Data Than Online Retail

This article originally appeared on PSFK and is written by Healey Cypher, co-founder and CEO of Oak Labs. “When Tesla began in 2003, its founders centered around the reinvention of a traditional industry, they looked past Maranello, Stuttgart, and Detroit. They looked to an alternate reality. One where the touch of a button could change…

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