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The ActionIQ team hit Gartner Marketing last week in Denver, and we’re still feeling the Rocky Mountain high. We loved having great conversations at our booth, talking to our community…

Powering Loyalty With Your Customer Engagement Strategy

For large retail brands housing multiple product categories and numerous customer segments, customer loyalty is not defined solely by a stellar loyalty program. True loyalty ultimately relies on a holistic…

3 Holiday Season Trends to Watch for in 2022

The holidays are right around the corner, bringing huge revenue opportunities for retailers. And just like in 2021, there are key holiday season trends to be aware of. Retail sales…

3 Steps to Crush Customer Segmentation in Retail

Retail brands need to deliver hypersegmented experiences to capture, engage and retain high lifetime value customers — but scaling these personalized experiences has always been a challenge. Still, getting it right when it comes to customer segmentation in retail pays off.

Churn Preventions Strategies for Retail

Churn prevention has always been important, but in the increasingly digital-first world of COVID-19, it’s become imperative. In this post, we’ll discuss: Smart approaches for maximizing customer engagement during the…

Best Practices to Leverage ecommerce data to increase sales

#1 From Ecommerce Data to Actionable Intelligence    Digital retailers collect an extraordinarily rich set of ecommerce data—more than enough to craft compelling, highly personalized journeys for all their customers….