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How Clienteling Builds Long Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

Covid-19 has altered how consumers shop forever. How consumers shop is evolving faster than ever before, and brands are exploring new ways to bring innovative, exciting and personal shopping experiences to their customers’ digitally and brick and mortar stores. It’s no shock that clienteling is a critical attribute of successful retail businesses. If you aren’t…

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Why Data Should be In the Center of Your Customer Centric Strategy

I placed my first order on December 11th, 1998. It was a book. That’s pretty much all Amazon sold back then. But back then, Jeff Bezos had already set the mission that still drives the company today: to become “Earth’s most customer centric company.” That mission has catapulted Amazon to the rarefied air of…

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What Is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total revenue a single customer spends with your business over the entire span of their relationship with your brand. It’s one of the single most important metrics you can track. And for customer experience (CX) professionals and marketers, it’s an absolutely fundamental “North Star” key performance indicator (KPI). Succinctly…

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Beyond the Pareto Principle: Five Steps to Capitalize on High-Value Relationships

PersonMatch, audience segmentation

Many marketers have increasingly embraced the Pareto Principle, the idea that 20 percent of their customers generate 80 percent of their revenue. Given this, it makes sense they would invest a disproportionate part of their resources marketing to their best customers, since it can have a much greater impact on revenue than indiscriminate, batch-and-blast messaging.…

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Radical Relevance: Supercharge Loyalty with the Customer Data You Already Have

With customers never more than a tap away from competitor offerings, customer loyalty is never a given. It is an asset you have to earn over and over again. That is why the customer connections you cultivate are as important as the product you are selling. And to build a quality connection with a customer,…

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Supercharging Brand Loyalty With Your Own Customer Data

  In the digital age, brands can no longer count on the fact that a certain percentage of their new customers will ultimately convert to loyal ones. When consumers have so many choices at their fingertips, brands must win loyalty over and over with each customer interaction, writes Tamara Tamara Gruzbarg, ActionIQ’s head of industry…

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Make Your Loyalty Program Stand Out From the Crowd

Loyalty is booming; just take a look at the numbers. According to Colloquy, U.S. consumers hold 3.8 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs. But for each of these billions of memberships, are customers really getting what they want? And how can you differentiate to make the impact, keep members happy, and make your program stand…

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Making Loyalty Matter in the Age of the Fickle Consumer

Consumers are in control.  Empowered by mobile and digital freedom, they can product hunt and price shop without barriers.   With the swipe of a thumb they can leave your online store and buy from a competitor. Forrester calls this new era the “Age of the Consumer” and urges companies to become “customer-obsessed” to regain…

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Customer Loyalty in Six Simple Steps

Six steps to enhance your customer loyalty and retention program

Customer Loyalty and Retention in Six Simple Steps Creating a robust loyalty and retention program from scratch can seem like a gargantuan task. As you might have heard it costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain current customers. Wrestling data, compiling rewards and following customer, behavior can be so daunting that…

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Personalization Beats Punch Cards: Five Tips for True Customer Loyalty

You can’t buy loyalty, but that hasn’t stopped brands from trying. An endless stream of punch cards, discounts and perks bombard today’s digital customer. How do you move loyalty away from its transactional past and into an authentic customer relationship future? It’s a process that takes a lot of hard work, but today’s software-enabled brands…

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