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What Are Human-First Mobile Experiences?

Human First Mobile Experiences

A human-first mobile experience turns traditional marketing processes on its head. Instead of designing apps and other experiences around the messages marketers want to push, human-first experiences are architected from the ground up around the needs and/or preferences of individual users—regardless of when, where, why and how they engage with your business. Martin Chow, VP…

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What is a Customer Intelligence Platform?

Customer Intelligence

A customer intelligence platform collects customer data from a range of relevant data sources, and unifies that data to make it analysis-ready. The platform then applies sophisticated analytics, using AI/ML as well as human-driven analytics to glean actionable insight from customer data. The most effective customer intelligence platforms—also called customer data platforms (CDPs)—enable marketers to…

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What You Need to Know About the Adobe CDP

What You Need to Know About the Adobe CDP and Customer Experience Management

Adobe teases a compelling vision at Adobe Summit 2021 for customer experience management (CXM), but analysts and customers don’t believe it’s ready for primetime. Let’s begin by giving Adobe credit where it’s deserving, such as… Pulling off a massive Adobe Summit conference, especially in a virtual format. Maintaining a handful of market-leading products like Target…

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Our $100M Series C Extension: Why it Happened, What it Means

ActionIQ, CDP Announces $100M Series C Extension

We are excited to announce a fresh funding infusion, in the form of a $100M Series C extension, barely a year after our initial Series C closing. The extension was led by our existing investors who, having been with us for a long time, clearly see how we have taken the lead position in the…

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Using Data Enrichment to Improve Marketing Performance

For brands that seek to put the customer at the center of everything they do, and want to do so at scale, data is the foundation. It all begins with the data set you collect about your customers, directly from your customers. Your all important first party data. In its raw form, however, first party…

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CDP vs DMP: Choose the Right Data Platform for Your Business Needs

CDP vs DMP, Martech Technology

CDP vs DMP: How are these two marketing technology solutions different? In this blog, we will explore the two types of platforms —  CDPs vs. DMPs — that are helping marketers make more informed decisions. Customer data platform (CDPs) and data management platforms (DMPs) are essential components of a data-driven marketing tech stack. Each solution…

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2021 Competitive Market Guide for CDPs

2021 Customer Data Platform Landscape

Why Customer Data Platforms Became A Must-Have Technology Did you know Gartner found Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to be the least likely technology to be cut from leaders’ budgets during an economic downturn? McKinsey helps explain why by saying: “Personalization is impossible if marketers don’t have the means to understand the needs of customers on…

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ActionIQ Launches InfiniteCompute: Next Generation Customer Data Platform Technology To Outperform Marketing Clouds

ActionIQ Launches InfiniteCompute

Forrester Study of ActionIQ with InfiniteCompute Confirms ‘Best-in-Breed’ Capabilities & Shows Over 500 Percent Return on Investment NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ActionIQ, the leading Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced the general availability of InfiniteCompute – its proprietary, highly scalable customer database technology. The release from closed beta reflects a continued rise in large…

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What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer segmentation is a technique where existing customers are split into groups based on similar attributes or affinities. These customer groups are beneficial in identifying potentially profitable customers amongst your target audience , and in developing customer loyalty. Companies use customer segmentation to message and market to each group differently, with the goal of improving…

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What Twilio’s $3.2 Billion Acquisition of Data Startup Segment Means for the CDP Market

Twilio acquires Segment for 3.2 billion dollars

If you’re a marketing technology buyer, chances are you’ve heard of Segment. Their low-cost offering and enormous marketing budget have resulted in market-leading awareness, boosted demand and a unicorn valuation status. Recently, San Francisco-based Segment has doubled down on positioning itself as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – even going as far as branding a…

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