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The secret to improving business outcomes? Move Fast!

Success depends on building agility into every step

Business leaders today are under constant pressure to react quickly to the market and ever-changing customer needs. Success ultimately depends on their ability to build in agility at every step, from strategy to execution. What Is Agile? Think about Agile as a flexible approach to managing projects that uses frequent iterations to test and learn,…

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How to Use Customer Data Segmentation

How to Use Customer Data

When I began working in CRM and analytics, brands segmented audiences in a highly rigid, top-down way. For example, to attract high-value customers (HVCs), they targeted consumers based on a single demographic attribute—for example, a high-income zip codes. Two decades into my career, I still see many brands approach customer data segmentation this way.  …

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3 Reasons Consumers Want You to Adopt A CDP

Consumers are drowning in totally irrelevant marketing messages. Ironically, this makes them even more eager to hear messages from brands that can cut through the noise and guide them to the products and offers that are truly relevant. “Customers are constantly telling brands what motivates them and what turns them off– from the purchases they…

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