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What is Tag Management?

To understand what tag management is, we first need to define “tag.” A tag is an invisible piece of digital information — usually JavaScript code or a single-pixel image — embedded into digital content. It’s designed to trigger events (e.g., serving an ad) while also collecting information about users and their behaviors as they interact…

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What is Performance Marketing?

The Performance Marketing Association defines performance marketing as “online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers and marketing companies are paid when a specific action is completed, such as a sale, lead or click.” Performance marketing flips the paradigm of traditional marketing. In the past, advertisers paid up front to purchase a certain amount of…

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What is RFM Analysis?

The “RFM” in RFM analysis stands for recency, frequency and monetary value. RFM analysis is a way to use data based on past customer behavior to predict how customers are likely to act in the future. An RFM model is built using three key factors: 1) how recently a customer has transacted with a brand;…

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What Are Human-First Mobile Experiences?

Human First Mobile Experiences

A human-first mobile experience turns traditional marketing processes on its head. Instead of designing apps and other experiences around the messages marketers want to push, human-first experiences are architected from the ground up around the needs and/or preferences of individual users—regardless of when, where, why and how they engage with your business. Martin Chow, VP…

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What is a Customer Intelligence Platform?

Customer Intelligence

A customer intelligence platform collects customer data from a range of relevant data sources, and unifies that data to make it analysis-ready. The platform then applies sophisticated analytics, using AI/ML as well as human-driven analytics to glean actionable insight from customer data. The most effective customer intelligence platforms—also called customer data platforms (CDPs)—enable marketers to…

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What is One to One Marketing?

Nearly 30 years ago, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers published one of the most important business books ever written: “The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time.” Peppers & Rogers predicted a future where brands would use one to one marketing to personalize customer communications and interactions at scale. Their predictions…

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Using Data Enrichment to Improve Marketing Performance

For brands that seek to put the customer at the center of everything they do, and want to do so at scale, data is the foundation. It all begins with the data set you collect about your customers, directly from your customers. Your all important first party data. In its raw form, however, first party…

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12 KPIs Every Marketer Should Define and Know

12 KPIs Every Marketing and Customer Experience (CX) Pro Must Know

12 KPIs Every Marketing and Customer Experience (CX) Pro Must Know As marketers and CX pros, we measure lots of different things. These marketing and customer experience analytics are critically important to the day-to-day operations of our businesses. But certain marketing analytics get elevated to an even more special status: key performance indicator or KPI. …

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Behavioral Segmentation (And Why It’s So Important)

6 Techniques for Executing on Behavioral Segmentation

If you read our blog post “What is Customer Segmentation?” you learned that market segmentation is a technique where existing customers are split into groups based on similar attributes or affinities. It covered a range of methodologies for market segmentation including demographic segmentation, firmographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, needs-based segmentation and more. But one marketing strategy…

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Is Your CX stack Smart Enough for the Omnichannel World?

customer experience stack

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for practically all industries, and central to winning the battle for the customer’s loyalty is the ability to understand their needs and changing preferences. To produce a better overall customer experience, brands need to realize it’s more than just adding a live chat feature for conversational support or…

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