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Foggy Conditions: Three Reasons Out-of-the-Box Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Marketers Falls Short

To unlock value hidden in customer data, brands have been adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions at a breakneck pace. However, if your brand is relying on out-of-the-box algorithms, you may be missing out on the true value of AI—i.e. the hidden insights that only your own unique data of your unique set of customers base…

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Four Steps To Keep Data Scientists In Their Happy Place

Data scientists love the analytical work of building and testing new algorithms. Data wrangling—the work of hunting for, validating, connecting, and combining data sets—not so much. In a new article published by Forbes Tech Council, ActionIQ’s co-founder and CIO Nitay Joffe writes about his experience as a software engineer at Facebook, where faced exactly this…

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Marketers in the Flow: How an Enterprise CDP Fosters Happy, Hyper-Productive Teams

For developers, it’s called “hack mode.” For drummers, it is being “in the groove. Eminent positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi built his carrying studying this state. It is that wonderful feel we all get when we are immersed in an activity that makes us feel both energized and powerfully focused. Csikszentmihalyi dubbed it the “flow state.”…

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Are You Ready for GDPR? 5 Hard Questions Every Enterprise Should Ask Customer Data Partners

With the advent of GDPR, global brands face new sweeping limits on the way they store, use, and share customer data. “And compliance does not end at the boundaries of your enterprise,” writes Nitay Joffe, co-founder and CTO of ActionIQ, writes in a new article for InsideBigData. The brand’s responsibility also extends to the way…

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Three Reasons Why a Data Strategy is Imperative

Data has a way of pushing organizations to rush. There’s an urgency to catch up to data-driven competitors, and pressure to build a full-fledged data department immediately. That can cause corporations to jump straight into data initiatives or make big data decisions without a clear strategy. This can be a big mistake, diffusing efforts or…

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Thou Shalt Trigger & Personalize Based on Journeys, Not Events or Products

Marketers often ask me “what are low hanging fruits for AI?” My answer is always the same, the two promising areas are triggers and personalization. There are many products in the market that promise trigger events (emails, mobile messages) and product personalization (people that bought this bought that, Amazon-style). These approaches are not bad but…

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