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How to Put the ‘Real’ in Real-Time Customer Experiences

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Imagine you’re eating out at a new restaurant. Your waiter seems to know what you want even before you do. They take your order, bring your food and leave your check with lightning-fast efficiency. Worthy of a big tip and a five-star review, right? Not so fast. Speed alone doesn’t drive exceptional customer experiences. If…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 3: Connect Your Data to Make Customers Happy and Generate Revenue

In this three-part series, we first examined the rise of the privacy-first economy and the disappearance of third-party customer data, which for years has been the main fuel of digital advertising. In part two we took an inventory of the data still available to brands (principally, first-party data) and the ways brands can use it…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 2: Strategies to Survive and Thrive

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The digital advertising landscape is in the midst of a tectonic shift. In the prior installment of this series, AdTech Earthquake Part 1: Cracks in the Foundation, we covered how changes in big tech’s privacy policies would present significant challenges to every brand that depends on digital advertising as part of its marketing mix. Since…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 1: Cracks in the Foundation

Adtech ecosystem in a post IDFA wolrd

A powerful earthquake can rock foundations, destroy our greatest creations and permanently alter large swaths of landscape. The AdTech world is about to experience one such powerful earthquake. We don’t often think about it, but our best practices and complex ecosystems are built atop foundations controlled by a small handful of big tech companies—namely Facebook,…

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What Is a Martech Stack?

A marketing stack—also known as a marketing technology stack, or martech stack—is the set of technology marketers use to manage, execute, measure, and improve their marketing efforts.  Unlike enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or human resources (HR) systems, which are often a single integrated tech suite from one vendor, marketing stacks are made up of…

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CDP vs DMP: Choose the Right Data Platform for Your Business Needs

CDP vs DMP, Martech Technology

CDP vs DMP: How are these two marketing technology solutions different? In this blog, we will explore the two types of platforms, CDPs vs DMPs, that are helping marketers make more informed decisions. Customer Data Platform (CDPs) and Data Management platforms (DMPs) are essential components of a data-driven marketing technology stack. Each solution provides tools for marketers, sales,…

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How to Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy

Build a successful digital transformation strategy

In boardrooms and c-suites worldwide, executives and directors are looking ahead at one of the biggest challenges and risk factors that will confront businesses in the years to come: digital transformation. That concern isn’t unfounded: according to McKinsey, about 50% of all digital transformation initiatives never reach their intended value, and only about 10% outperform…

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Which Customer Data Platform Capabilities are a Must for Your CDP?

To meet the modern consumer’s high expectations for an excellent customer experience, many brands have come to realize they need to improve their ability to: Deeply understand their customers Identify customer wants and needs Activate personalized experiences that drive sustained customer loyalty At the heart of achieving this goal lies one of the most important…

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Your CDP Should Be an Extension of Your Larger Customer Data Infrastructure

As CTO of The New York Times, Nick Rockwell was charged with modernizing the legendary media company’s data infrastructure, and supporting a company-wide transformation aimed at putting the reader at the center of everything they do. As the foundation of his effort, he led the charge to re-platform the entire company and its massive troves…

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Eleanor Roosevelt: Big Data Guru

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who know the beauty of their data.” We are taught that Eleanor Roosevelt was a feminist, but so few know that she was a futurist, having completed an advanced degree in mathematics.   She also said, “Great minds discuss analysis; average minds discuss data; small minds…

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