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What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is the story of the customer’s interaction with your brand as they step through the various phases and touchpoints of buying. B2B and B2C brands will often express the phases of buying differently depending on their industry and the way in which they interact with customers. More or less, however, the buying…

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What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer segmentation is a technique where existing customers are split into groups based on similar attributes or affinities. These customer groups are beneficial in identifying potentially profitable customers amongst your target audience , and in developing customer loyalty. Companies use customer segmentation to message and market to each group differently, with the goal of improving…

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What is First Party Data?

First Party Data, Data from the source

As a marketer or business person, you may hear the term “first party data” mentioned more and more on an everyday basis. First party data is information your business collects directly from consumers. This is your own data collected directly from your company. First party data is the most valuable data your business can gather.…

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CDP vs CRM: What’s the Difference?

Whats the Difference between a CDP and CRM

I. CDP and CRM—Better Together It is estimated that the average consumer receives upwards of 4,000 marketing messages a day. In such an environment, the modern day marketer must cut through all that noise by personalizing customer interactions ideally through marketing automation. While personalization can take countless forms, it essentially comes down to two things:…

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Five Pillars of a Successful Changement Management Process for CDP Initiatives

Tips of implementing a CDP into your organization

To become customer-centric, businesses are doubling down on their investments in smart hubs such as customer data platforms (CDPs). These technologies enable brands to centralize and scale personalization—a competitive imperative in the digital age.  However, technology alone will not never get you there. Customer centricity also requires a robust, strategic approach to organizational change management…

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How to Start Thinking in Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys

“That’s stupid,” my VP of marketing said when, back in 2009, I mentioned the term “customer decision journey,” which I’d just read in a McKinsey article. The VP was known for having strong opinions and he didn’t hold back on this one. He agreed with the spirit of the term but didn’t think it would…

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Avoid This One Mistake in Constructing an RFP for a Customer Data Platform

Constructing a CDP RFP

Marketers in charge of establishing a single view of their customers face a daunting task. They’re bombarded by vendors in an unregulated Customer Data Platform marketplace including tried-and-true offerings and chameleon imposters. Making an accurate choice when constructing your CDP RFP is not easy! Thankfully, the root cause of failed CDP deployments is something within…

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Make Your Loyalty Program Stand Out From the Crowd

Loyalty is booming; just take a look at the numbers. According to Colloquy, U.S. consumers hold 3.8 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs. But for each of these billions of memberships, are customers really getting what they want? And how can you differentiate to make the impact, keep members happy, and make your program stand…

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