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What You Need to Know About the Adobe CDP

What You Need to Know About the Adobe CDP and Customer Experience Management

Adobe teases a compelling vision at Adobe Summit 2021 for customer experience management (CXM), but analysts and customers don’t believe it’s ready for primetime. Let’s begin by giving Adobe credit where it’s deserving, such as… Pulling off a massive Adobe Summit conference, especially in a virtual format. Maintaining a handful of market-leading products like Target…

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Audiences Application – Giving Marketers the Power of a Data Analyst

Through a dynamic visual interface, Audiences gives marketers the power of a data analyst—so they can engage in an iterative, real-time conversation with their customer data, 100% on their own, We will cover how Audiences, is an application available on top of the AIQ platform that helps improve audience interaction and engagement.  The Data Democratization…

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How Clienteling Builds Long Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

Covid-19 has altered how consumers shop forever. How consumers shop is evolving faster than ever before, and brands are exploring new ways to bring innovative, exciting and personal shopping experiences to their customers’ digitally and brick and mortar stores. It’s no shock that clienteling is a critical attribute of successful retail businesses. If you aren’t…

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Why Data Should be In the Center of Your Customer Centric Strategy

I placed my first order on December 11th, 1998. It was a book. That’s pretty much all Amazon sold back then. But back then, Jeff Bezos had already set the mission that still drives the company today: to become “Earth’s most customer centric company.” That mission has catapulted Amazon to the rarefied air of…

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Increase Conversions with Your Ecommerce Data

Best Practices to Leverage ecommerce data to increase sales

#1 From Ecommerce Data to Actionable Intelligence    Digital retailers collect an extraordinarily rich set of ecommerce data—more than enough to craft compelling, highly personalized journeys for all their customers. Yet for many brands, marketers are able to access, analyze, and activate only a small percentage of that data in actual campaigns.  That might not…

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