Audiences: Giving Marketers the Power of a Data Analyst


Through a dynamic visual interface, Audiences gives marketers the power of a data analyst—so they can engage in an iterative, real-time conversation with their customer data, 100% on their own. We will cover how Audiences, is an application available on top of the AIQ platform that helps improve audience interaction and engagement. 

The Data Democratization Challenge 

Marketers are accountable for designing and executing on strategies that create unique experiences that drive customer loyalty and revenue. Yet most of the time, marketers have limited access to the data they need to explore and define the right audience for each experience. Today’s marketers don’t have the access or tools needed to succeed in a data-driven world—much less the agility to deliver personalized experiences time and again. So how do you get your audience’s attention and improve engagement? The Audience application  and interactive content can make all the difference when trying to spark interest in each audience member that comes across your website. 

“Before, new audiences were created by a single team and took weeks to build. Now, any marketer can create and analyze new audiences on their own in minutes.” – Marketing director, FinServ 

Take Control with an Analytical UI Designed for Marketers 

ActionIQ’s Audience enables business users to explore, define, and action audiences in real-time via a powerful analytical UI designed for 100% marketer self-service. With the  Audiences application, marketers can access and leverage all their customer data (via a customer data platform) to go from hypothesis to fully defined and validated opportunity in minutes. By understanding your audience response, you will better be able to create personalized content for all your participants. These analytics provide instant feedback on how to adjust your marketing strategy to better appeal to your target audience. With the ability to quickly generate new insights and run what-if scenarios on their own, marketers can identify and build audiences that are actionable and personalized. 

Analyze and Action in Real-Time 

  • Deliver With Speed and Agility 
    • Design, iterate, and bring to market new experiences and audience strategies in hours, not weeks—so you can respond to valuable opportunities faster than ever before. 
  • Create Once, Reuse Everywhere 
    • Stop repeating manual work each time you want to do something new. Define your core audiences once and then reuse as needed across a variety of use cases.
  •  Inject Operational Intelligence
    • Embed insights into your audience workflow to rapidly iterate on the fly—audience counts, overlaps, and other analytics update in real-time as parameters are adjusted. 

Telco Boosts Conversion and Speeds Time to Market 

A major telco brand employed a manual audience creation process that resulted in time consuming back-and-forth between IT and marketing. Concerned about missed opportunities, the brand shifted its audience creation process to ActionIQ. With newly empowered marketers, campaign lead times were reduced by 70% and conversion increased by 30%. 

Key Features 

  • Modern, Intuitive User Interface for Marketer Self-Service
    •  ActionIQ Audience, is designed the way a business user thinks. With an intuitive drag-and-drop UI, your marketers have all the power of a sophisticated data analyst but through a user experience that is designed for the business.
  • Reusability and Composability for Optimal Business Agility 
  • Building optimal audiences involves iterating and refining previous ideas and approaches. With ActionIQ, every audience can serve as a foundational building block for the next. You can reuse audiences across new use cases, or leverage an existing audience to create ever-more sophisticated derivative audiences aligned around specific marketing goals. 
  • Real-Time Feedback for Rapid Refinement 
    • As you change audience parameters along an unlimited number of dimensions, you receive dynamic, instantaneous insights about the audience you’ve defined. Your marketers can quickly arrive at audiences of the ideal shape and size, allowing them to identify and seize opportunities that were never attainable before. 

Whether you are looking to create interactive infographics, video content, webinar tools, or stream a live event, learning what your participants want and are looking for is critical when creating a personalized marketing experience. If you are looking to increase audience engagement, using an interactive audience tool can help you improve your overall marketing strategy. Find out how to improve audience interaction today by talking to one of our informative staff members. 

  • Audience Creation — no-code interface to define and size audiences
    • Criteria. Select and filter on attributes within Customer 360, e.g. location, loyalty status, product browsed, app clicks, etc. 
    • Segmentation Rules. Mix and match existing audiences to expand, intersect, and suppress new audience segments
    • Size. Compute results across your raw data set in minutes to return the exact number of profiles in a new audience
  • Audience Insights — generate additional audience insights and analytics
    • Fall Out Reporting. See where users were added through unions or removed via intersections and suppression criteria
    • Overlap Analysis. Identify profiles present in your audience overlapping with other existing audiences. e.g. at-risk audience, high-value audience, retention campaign audience
    • Attribute Distribution. Understand the distribution of values within your audience for any attribute, e.g. loyalty tiers, LTV scores, spend thresholds
    • Dimension Count. Return counts for additional dimensions in the audience, e.g. household, accounts
  • Audience Activation — manage audience calculation rules and export destinations
    • Calculation. Audiences recalculate every time on the freshest set of data, both batch and streaming (when available)
    • Destination. Leverage audiences within other ActionIQ applications (such as Models and Customer Experiences) and/or activated in other systems by ActionIQ
    • Contact History. Universal contact history (UCH) metadata is saved in the ActionIQ Unified Persistent Data Layer for every profile within an activated audience

Have questions? Reach out to our CDP experts and we’ll be happy to help.

ActionIQ Team
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