Meet the New AIQ CX Hub

Meet the New AIQ CX Hub

If you’re familiar with ActionIQ, you may notice we look a little bit different. If you’re not, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’ve been synonymous with customer data since 2014. That’s when we set out to help enterprise brands turn their customer insights into personalized customer experiences. Since then, the customer data platform (CDP) market has become a billion-dollar industry.

But as more vendors have entered the CDP space, the gap between what this technology promises and what it actually delivers has widened. Marketing technology that collects, combines and stores customer data isn’t enough — not for today’s enterprise brands, and certainly not for their customers.

Organizations need a way to not only pull together fragmented customer insights, but also take action on them. And CDPs are only one piece of that puzzle.

That’s why our rebranding is more than just a new look and logo — it’s a commitment to the wants and needs of modern enterprises that’s reflected in how we approach our product.

Meet the new AIQ CX Hub — the next chapter for us, our customers and the future of customer experience.

Meet the New AIQ CX Hub

Bring Order to CX Chaos

Customer experience is the sum total of every interaction with your customers, no matter when, where or how they engage with your brand. Whether on your website, over the phone, in person or across any number of channels and touchpoints, CX is the difference between building trust and losing it.

And while customer expectations are getting higher, meeting them is getting harder.

According to the 2022 CX IQ Index, 61% of U.S.-based businesses believe their customers are “very satisfied” with customer experiences and interactions to get information, make a purchase or resolve an issue. Unfortunately, 77% of consumers disagree.

How do you explain such a customer experience gap? Like this: The data that powers CX remains siloed — trapped behind different teams and technologies.

Gathering customer data was never the problem. Even with third-party cookie deprecation and the loss of anonymous identifiers, enterprise brands are sitting on a goldmine of first-party data they can use to give customers tailored, timely customer experiences.

But only if it flows.

Whether brands buy a CDP or build one of their own, putting customer data in one place is no guarantee that it will drive results — especially if you need advanced technical knowledge to make use of it.

Business teams still struggle to access the insights they need, and technical teams are left fielding never-ending requests instead of focusing on the value they can bring.

The result is bottlenecks, barriers and missed opportunities. In a word? Chaos.

Meet the New AIQ CX Hub

Make Every Team Member a CX Champion

Brands don’t just need data — they need to put it in motion.

They need to help their marketers, salespeople and customer service representatives discover and take action on customer insights.

They need to give IT and operations professionals the ability to control data and get out from under constant calls for help.

They need to break down organizational silos, eliminate inefficient processes and empower every team member to exceed customer expectations.

They need a CX Hub.

CDPs bring data together. The AIQ CX Hub flexibly integrates with any CDP — whether purchased from AIQ or homegrown — to give all teams direct but controlled access to that data to self-serve insights for audience segmentation, journey orchestration and real-time experiences.

And just as important, it gives organizations the freedom to choose how they do it, as well as the ability to adjust as their needs change.

Combine Unlimited Power With Complete Control

Successful businesses don’t stagnate — they evolve. And as they do, so do their needs.

The AIQ CX Hub is designed to grow alongside our customers, dynamically scaling performance and providing unmatched flexibility so enterprise brands can deliver on their business needs today and in the future.

No two businesses are the same, and we don’t expect them to need the same CX Hub. That’s why our product adapts to the needs of our customers. No one is locked into a one-size-fits-all framework — new solutions can easily be added to the CX Hub if and when the need arises.

Prepackaged martech vendors expect brands to bend to their data management requirements — we believe every organization has the right to decide where its data lives, who has access to it and how it’s used.

Brands should be able to build the tech stacks that work for them. So while a CDP is one of our solutions, our customers have the freedom to manage all customer data internally though any CDP they want, including homemade technologies. Whatever your single source of truth, you simply plug it into our CX Hub to hyper-segment audiences, manage sophisticated customer journeys or engage customers in real time.

And you only pay for what you use, because we know the value of data isn’t in collecting it, but using it to provide meaningfully helpful customer experiences.

The CDP market is changing. So are the needs of our customers. We’re evolving our brand and product to not just keep up with this transformation, but to continue to lead it.

Everything we do is designed to help enterprise brands pull together their customer data and put impactful customer experiences in motion. And to do so in the way that works for them.

Your customers expect personalized experiences. So do ours. That’s why when people tell us they need products and services tailored to their needs, we tell them: We couldn’t agree more.

AIQ has always been more than a CDP — and our customers have always wanted to do more than consolidate customer data points.

Leading brands aim to put their customers at the center of their strategies — and give their teams the tools they need to follow suit. We’re thrilled to help them on their journey.

See What the AIQ CX Hub Can Do for You

Want to learn more about the AIQ CX Hub? Get in touch with our experts to discover the power of data in motion.

Tasso Argyros
Tasso Argyros
Founder & CEO
Tasso left the Stanford PhD program to start Aster Data, which was acquired by Teradata for $325M. At Teradata, he continued to solve big data problems for Fortune 500 enterprises. Tasso’s passion for empowering business users led him to start ActionIQ, with the mission of bridging the gap between data & action.
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