💥 Announcing ActionIQ’s Integration With Adobe Ad Cloud

Announcing ActionIQ’s Integration With Adobe Ad Cloud

What is Adobe Ad Cloud?

Adobe Ad Cloud is a Demand Side Platform (DSP), an advertising platform that allows marketers to automate the purchase of ad space across a range of channels. Typically with a DSP, the marketer uploads the creative ad content, determines the desired target audience, and establishes a budget. The DSP then searches its network of available sites and apps to find appropriate spaces that fit the marketer’s criteria, then makes a bid for placement.

Key Use Case

Programmatic Ad Buying: Adobe Advertising Cloud integration allows clients to leverage audiences created within ActionIQ as the desired target segment for their advertising campaign.

How it Works

The integration between ActionIQ and Adobe Ad Cloud lets you use ActionIQ’s powerful Audience application to select the desired target segment for your advertising campaign. Specifically, audiences should comprise a list of email addresses (or cookie IDs) of customers that you want to use as the recipients of an ad campaign.

Integration Pattern: Paid Media
Data Transfer: File-based via S3

Integrate ActionIQ With Your Customer Experience Stack

This latest integration adds yet another powerful option to the extensive catalog of integrations available to ActionIQ customers. With a commitment to meeting evolving needs and maximizing technology investments, ActionIQ continues to solidify its position as a leading platform for customer data activation and engagement. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, and reach out directly to our team if you are ready to see how ActionIQ can help you generate more revenue from your customer data.

Guillaume Marois
Guillaume Marois
Integration Specialist at ActionIQ
Guillaume is an Integrations Specialist who focuses on scalability and reliability in building new integrations. He builds on his experience as a Customer Enablement Engineer to understand customers' needs and to drive value by enabling additional use cases.
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