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3 Strategies to Get Through the Next 90 Days

I hope this message finds you well. Health and safety are priority number one. So first and foremost, on behalf of the whole ActionIQ team, we wish you the best in these uncertain times. The crisis continues to evolve every day, requiring business leaders to make significant changes to their strategies and organizations on a…

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Tips of implementing a CDP into your organization

To become customer-centric, businesses are doubling down on their investments in smart hubs such as customer data platforms (CDPs). These technologies enable brands to centralize and scale personalization—a competitive imperative in the digital age.  However, technology alone will not never get you there. Customer centricity also requires a robust, strategic approach to organizational change management…

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Survive Now Thrive Tomorrow

These can be scary times. Our thoughts first go to our loved ones, our employees and customers and all their families and friends. I have to keep reminding myself that as long as we are healthy, every other problem is secondary to some extent. I went through the 2008 crisis as the founder of my…

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Best Practices to Leverage ecommerce data to increase sales

#1 From Ecommerce Data to Actionable Intelligence    Digital retailers collect an extraordinarily rich set of ecommerce data—more than enough to craft compelling, highly personalized journeys for all their customers. Yet for many brands, marketers are able to access, analyze, and activate only a small percentage of that data in actual campaigns.  That might not…

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PersonMatch, audience segmentation

Many marketers have increasingly embraced the Pareto Principle, the idea that 20 percent of their customers generate 80 percent of their revenue. Given this, it makes sense they would invest a disproportionate part of their resources marketing to their best customers, since it can have a much greater impact on revenue than indiscriminate, batch-and-blast messaging.…

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Why Your CDP Vendor Must Bring Change Management Expertise

Prior to joining ActionIQ, I served as an analyst at a well-known industry research firm. I was privileged to advise over 200 clients on their CDP initiatives. On numerous occasions, I received a phone call that went something like this: Senior marketing executive at major brand: “We bought a CDP.” Me: “How’s it going?” Marketing…

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