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CDPs - A Cure for the Holiday Blues

Ah, the holidays! For marketers, it is the most stressful time of the year. As a former industry analyst, I advised hundreds of marketing organizations and realized how many of them feel overwhelmed at prepping for the tsunami of holiday demand. It only makes sense. The stakes are high since holiday results can make or…

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How Acquia’s Acquisition of AgilOne Fits into the Future of CDPs

What does the acquisition mean? Another week, another acquisition in the CDP space. This time it’s AgilOne, which was acquired by Acquia, a company providing enterprise services and support around Drupal, an open-source CMS. Acquia itself was a recent acquisition by private equity (PE) firm, Vista Equity, back in September. Acquia has always had a…

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CDP planning - 8 tips to assist successful outcomes

CDPs Solve Marketers’ Number One Issue With Existing Technology According to industry research, the most challenging barrier to marketing technology success is the need to integrate disparate systems. CDPs—and their prebuilt data connectors to hundreds of data systems—solve that need in a unique way. They render a single customer view including all historical interactions, along…

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