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Salesforce CDP

With the rise in machine learning and advancements in marketing technology, it’s no surprise that more and more companies want to enter the CDP market. During Dreamforce 2019 Salesforce announced “Customer 360 Audiences” its customer data platform. It’s now Fall 2020, and they are finally ready to step out of beta testing and release. With…

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Customer Journeys

“That’s stupid,” my VP of marketing said when, back in 2009, I mentioned the term “customer decision journey,” which I’d just read in a McKinsey article. The VP was known for having strong opinions and he didn’t hold back on this one. He agreed with the spirit of the term but didn’t think it would…

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Customer Experience Optimization

Customer-centricity Is The New “It” Term, But… Customer experience optimization is a frequently stated goal of modern customer-centric organizations. You hear about customer experience analytics across industries: leaders of marketing, technology, product, and operations functions (to name just a few) often consider CX improvement it as one of their main KPIs. However, is there an…

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WWD: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Cross-Channel Shopping

As I wrote in a recent article for WWD, many brands treat cross-channel shopping, or omnichannel, as a burden—something must do, just so they can keep from falling behind. However, omnichannel retailing can also provide an enormous opportunity. Consider this: at the brands I have worked with, multichannel customers deliver: Higher revenue. Average annual revenue…

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Success depends on building agility into every step

Business leaders today are under constant pressure to react quickly to the market and ever-changing customer needs. Success ultimately depends on their ability to build in agility at every step, from strategy to execution. What Is Agile? Think about Agile as a flexible approach to managing projects that uses frequent iterations to test and learn,…

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