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AI for Marketing: Myth vs. Reality

Behavioral Data Broke Marketing Before digital, marketing was pretty straightforward. Marketers used customer profiles—derived from transaction and demographic data—to segment and run campaigns across a limited number of channels (primarily direct mail and email). But as consumers moved increasingly online and organizations updated their technology to track behaviors across web, email, mobile apps, and more,…

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5 steps to effective change management with ActionIQ

Transforming your business to be customer-centric is hard. This is not a surprise to any executive who has attempted large-scale organizational change that spans people, process and technology. Customer data platforms (CDPs) have emerged as the technology best suited to accelerate transformation efforts that enable brands to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. But technology…

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Six Principles to Anchor Your Martech Stack Strategy

There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Martech Stack Across All Brands, But… There is a perfect Martech stack for your organization alone. More specifically, your organization’s marketing maturity, technical maturity, personalization goals, and industry all play differentiating factors contributing to your organization’s ideal, ‘moment-in-time’ stack.   Six Core Principles To Guide Your Martech Stack…

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