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Merkle & ActionIQ

Today’s customer journey is complex, but Merkle & ActionIQ can help. The speed at which they make decisions and expect a response is faster than ever. A customer data platform helps you meet your audience in the right moment. Merkle’s expertise in data, technology, and analytics, combined with ActionIQ brings business agility and innovation together…

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CDP vs. CDI vs. DMP

“It’s all just a bit of history repeating” — Propellerheads I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be.  Part of your job is understanding the marketing technology landscape.  It’s not an easy task…even for the modern marketer.  You’re faced with an ever-growing, overly-complicated list of acronyms and vendors. So you decide to do a bit of…

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How to Use Customer Data

When I began working in CRM and analytics, brands segmented audiences in a highly rigid, top-down way. For example, to attract high-value customers (HVCs), they targeted consumers based on a single demographic attribute—for example, a high-income zip codes. Two decades into my career, I still see many brands approach customer data segmentation this way.  …

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Constructing a CDP RFP

Marketers in charge of establishing a single view of their customers face a daunting task. They’re bombarded by vendors in an unregulated Customer Data Platform marketplace including tried-and-true offerings and chameleon imposters. Making an accurate choice when constructing your CDP RFP is not easy! Thankfully, the root cause of failed CDP deployments is something within…

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