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ActionIQ B2B CDP

Deliver person-centric experiences to your business-to-business (B2B) customers.


ActionIQ named a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4 2021.

Shopify Client of ActionIQ
Autodesk, Client of ActionIQ
CDW, Client of ActionIQ

The Challenge

Customers expect to be treated like people, not accounts. They increasingly aim to self-serve, engage with digital-first content and enter or exit the buyer’s journey via different channels and touchpoints. This complexity is compounded by internal challenges — data is spread throughout the organization, channels have proliferated and the number of buyers and influencers continues to increase.

The Solution



Match and resolve persistent account and contact profiles across multiple sources to have a complete and accurate customer view.



Combine self-serviced business insights with powerful machine learning models to better understand and predict customers’ needs.


Comprehensive Orchestration

Activate real-time experiences and multi-step journeys across all marketing, sales and customer success channels to increase customer lifetime value.

The Benefits


Enhance & Expand
Revenue Streams

Shorten sales cycles and spotlight growth opportunities with greater account visibility and intelligence.


Increase Operational

Streamline cross-team collaboration by creating and democratizing a single view of accounts and contacts.


Improve Customer

Customize buyer, user and other account persona journeys in real time using AI and intelligent orchestration.

B2B CDP Use Cases

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Unifiy Company & Buyer Activity
Convert Trial Users to Paid Subscribers

Qualify and target high-propensity leads and accounts with customized offers.

Plan Up-Sell
Suppress Converted Contacts

Identify converted customers and remove them from paid media campaigns.

User Retention
Shift Offline Buyers to Digital Channels

Drive more interactions digitally while enabling users to self-serve and make purchases online.

Bimodal Behaviors
Onboard New Customers

Leverage account and contact data to create segmented user journeys and custom triggers based on usage and persona needs.

Bimodal Behaviors
Prevent Account Churn

Reveal at-risk accounts and automatically trigger churn mitigation campaigns to drive re-engagement and retention.

Bimodal Behaviors
Increase Upsells & Cross-Sells

Target accounts with a high propensity to upgrade, purchase add-ons or explore additional products and services.

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Build Stronger B2B Relationships

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage your accounts and contacts. Uncover actionable insights and deliver what modern B2B buyers demand: truly personalized customer experiences. Understand user characteristics, behaviors and preferences to seamlessly drive engagement across the right channels at the right time.


Discover what makes ActionIQ the most comprehensive B2B solution.


Data Unification

Seamlessly ingest, cleanse and unify online and offline data across sales and marketing systems, as well as third-party data partners.


Real-Time Journeys

Design and orchestrate personalized journeys across the entire customer lifecycle for each account and contact profile.


Identity Resolution

Intelligently stitch and resolve multiple records to create persistent account and contact profiles.


Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics for recommendations on the next best action for every account interaction.


Data Integration and Governance

Protect sensitive account and contact data while flexibly integrating with your current and future technology ecosystem.


Insights and Reporting

Track, measure and report on campaign and operational metrics to guide future revenue opportunities and process efficiencies.


A Comprehensive Solution for the B2B Enterprise

Built on our proprietary InfiniteCompute technology — giving your organization the only dynamically scalable CDP that provides unlimited computation power — ActionIQ leverages all known and anonymous customer and account data to build a 360-degree view of your accounts and contacts for highly personalized, impactful customer experiences across account-based marketing, prospecting, conversion, onboarding, growth and retention programs.


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The death of the cookie means massive disruption for the business-to-business (B2B) technology industry. But it’s also an opportunity for B2B tech brands to replace the flawed anonymous data they’ve long relied on with authenticated first-party data that powers exceptional customer experiences.

Take your customer data strategy to the next level.

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