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Modernize All Your Customer Experiences with a Customer Data Platform

The Challenge

 It’s impossible to keep up with modern customer experience expectations if you are stuck on old campaign management technology. Tools like Unica, Teradata CIM, and SAS Campaign were built for the pre-digital era and have not been updated in years. Migrating years of campaigns and processes is not an easy task, but the cost of falling further behind is existential to your business.

ActionIQ CDP Capabilities Compared to Oracle, SAS, Unica, and Teradata

Analyst Perspective

Lines Continue to Blur

“I've been watching many of these tools for 15 years, and one thing to learn is that these are declining toolsets. RSG evaluates several of these offerings in our Digital Marketing, Enterprise Portals, and Social-Collaboration marketplace streams, and they all had this in common: they are mostly legacy offerings, in long-term decline.”

Tony Bryne

Tony Byrne
Real Story Group

Why ActionIQ

ActionIQ is the only CDP with the proven track record of migrating $1B+ brands off legacy campaign management tools to a modern agile customer experience stack under budget and ahead of schedule

Transformational Growth

Reduce time to market by 75%, increase campaign velocity by 4x, and reduce stack complexity and cost with a CDP


All Your Data

Leverage 100% of your customer data - both offline and digital data


Across Your Teams

Empower your marketing, service, and sales teams towards one customer-centric goal


Every Experience

Orchestrate journeys and real-time experiences across every customer-facing channel

A Modern Solution Built to Scale with Your Business

Traditional data systems can't keep up with modern business requirements, and marketing clouds can't scale to modern data requirements. ActionIQ combines data and experience capabilities within a single platform to empower your entire organization.

ActionIQ Platform Capabilities



Customer 360

Unify your data and build a single comprehensive view for all your customers


Data Agility & Governance

Centralize where your data lives, who has access to it, and how it is used across your systems


Self-Service Insights

Generate accurate insights in real-time, with the click of a button, and without asking for IT support


Predictive Modeling

Deploy white-box modeling powered by all your data and trained on your particular customers and business needs


Audience Orchestration

Go beyond pure insights to action, directly apply everything you learned to orchestrated experiences across all your touchpoints


Test and Measurement

Innovate through experimentation, testing and validating your strategies across all your channels from a single platform

ActionIQ for Your Industry

Customer Journey

Financial Services

Orchestrate direct, digital-first experiences that give your clients the products and services they need to navigate their financial lives

Media & Advertising

Deploy orchestrated user experiences that drive subscription growth and new product revenue, reducing dependence on advertising

Retail & CPG

Orchestrate memorable products and experiences across the full customer lifecycle and all your channels – driving sustainable loyalty and retention


Drive effective buyer journeys across multiple individuals who may use, buy or influence decisions around your product


Forrester TEI Report

To measure the ROI of our clients’ deployments, ActionIQ commissioned Forrester Research to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study that measures the business benefits of deploying ActionIQ's customer data platform (CDP).

Trusted by Industry Experts

See how the world's leading brands are powering authentic customer experiences with ActionIQ. The CDP Blueprint Workshop provides business leaders with a structured process to define their vision and actionable steps towards accelerating their digital transformation. This workshop is the foundation of every ActionIQ CDP initiative to ensure implementation success, speed to value, and superior ROI. 

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