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3 Tactics to Turn Shoppers Into Brand Fans From Canadian Tire

3 Tactics to Turn Shoppers Into Brand Fans From Canadian Tire and ActionIQ

Brand loyalty helps industry leaders outperform their competitors. And with the seasonal uptick in shopping activity, the holiday season is the ideal time to turn shoppers into brand fans that come back again and again. Retail company Canadian Tire Corporation — which includes brands across the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure and housewares sectors — knows…

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Cutting Through the Noise: What is the Segment CDP?

Segment CDP - What is the Segment CDP - Cutting Through the Noise - ActionIQ

The customer data platform (CDP) market is confusing — but it doesn’t have to be. This article on the Segment CDP is part 3 in a series of blog posts exploring different types of CDPs, how they differ from other technologies and what you can do to select the right vendor for your enterprise company.…

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How to Improve Customer Data Security & Privacy for a Cookieless World

How to improve customer data security and privacy for a cookieless world

With the impending loss of third-party cookies — as well as other user-tracking changes — the importance of customer data security and privacy is growing alongside the need for authenticated, first-party data. Approximately 62% of marketers are investing in first-party data strategies to prepare for the impact of identifier deprecation on their customer acquisition and…

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3 Takeaways for Post-Cookie Acquisition From Michael Kors

Image showing blog title and ActionIQ logo

Third-party cookie deprecation is forcing brands across industries to change how they assemble, analyze and activate customer data. And as companies scramble to augment their approach to prospecting and conversion use cases for a cookieless world, those that have already invested in authenticated first-party data have a head start. Luxury fashion brand Michael Kors has…

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