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What Are Human-First Mobile Experiences?

Human First Mobile Experiences

A human-first mobile experience turns traditional marketing processes on its head. Instead of designing apps and other experiences around the messages marketers want to push, human-first experiences are architected from the ground up around the needs and/or preferences of individual users—regardless of when, where, why and how they engage with your business. Martin Chow, VP…

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What is a Customer Intelligence Platform?

Customer Intelligence

A customer intelligence platform collects customer data from a range of relevant data sources, and unifies that data to make it analysis-ready. The platform then applies sophisticated analytics, using AI/ML as well as human-driven analytics to glean actionable insight from customer data. The most effective customer intelligence platforms—also called customer data platforms (CDPs)—enable marketers to…

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What You Need to Know About the Adobe CDP

What You Need to Know About the Adobe CDP and Customer Experience Management

Adobe teases a compelling vision at Adobe Summit 2021 for customer experience management (CXM), but analysts and customers don’t believe it’s ready for primetime. Let’s begin by giving Adobe credit where it’s deserving, such as… Pulling off a massive Adobe Summit conference, especially in a virtual format. Maintaining a handful of market-leading products like Target…

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AdTech Earthquake Part 2: Strategies to Survive and Thrive

customer data strategy

The digital advertising landscape is in the midst of a tectonic shift. In the prior installment of this series, AdTech Earthquake Part 1: Cracks in the Foundation, we covered how changes in big tech’s privacy policies would present significant challenges to every brand that depends on digital advertising as part of its marketing mix. Since…

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