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AdTech Earthquake Part 1: Cracks in the Foundation

Adtech ecosystem in a post IDFA wolrd

A powerful earthquake can rock foundations, destroy our greatest creations and permanently alter large swaths of landscape. The AdTech world is about to experience one such powerful earthquake. We don’t often think about it, but our best practices and complex ecosystems are built atop foundations controlled by a small handful of big tech companies—namely Facebook,…

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What is One to One Marketing?

What is One to One Marketing

Nearly 30 years ago, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers published one of the most important business books ever written: “The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time.” Peppers & Rogers predicted a future where brands would use one to one marketing to personalize customer communications and interactions at scale. Their predictions…

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Using Data Enrichment to Improve Marketing Performance

For brands that seek to put the customer at the center of everything they do, and want to do so at scale, data is the foundation. It all begins with the data set you collect about your customers, directly from your customers. Your all important first party data. In its raw form, however, first party…

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New Mandates for Marketing in the Age of Disruption

How enterprise marketers are involving during the age of disruption

The Evolving Role of Today’s Enterprise Marketer Marketing today, as always, is responsible for the brand and its relationship with customers – from acquisition to brand preference and ultimately loyalty. But the complexities involved in the pursuit of this goal are now far more diverse and often unpredictable, redefining the mandates of today’s enterprise marketer.…

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