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What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is the story of the customer’s interaction with your brand as they step through the various phases and touchpoints of buying. B2B and B2C brands will often express the phases of buying differently depending on their industry and the way in which they interact with customers. More or less, however, the buying…

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Meet InfiniteCompute: Next Gen CDP Tech To Outperform Marketing Clouds

ActionIQ Launches InfiniteCompute

Forrester Study of ActionIQ with InfiniteCompute Confirms ‘Best-in-Breed’ Capabilities & Shows Over 500 Percent Return on Investment NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ActionIQ, the leading Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced the general availability of InfiniteCompute – its proprietary, highly scalable customer database technology. The release from closed beta reflects a continued rise in large…

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What is Customer Segmentation?

what is customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is a technique where existing customers are split into groups based on similar attributes or affinities. These customer groups are beneficial in identifying potentially profitable customers amongst your target audience , and in developing customer loyalty. Companies use customer segmentation to message and market to each group differently, with the goal of improving…

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What Twilio’s $3.2B Segment Acquisition Means for the CDP Market

Twilio acquires Segment for 3.2 billion dollars

If you’re a marketing technology buyer, chances are you’ve heard of Segment. Their low-cost offering and enormous marketing budget have resulted in market-leading awareness, boosted demand and a unicorn valuation status. Recently, San Francisco-based Segment has doubled down on positioning itself as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – even going as far as branding a…

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Explaining Twilio’s Acquisition of Segment

Segment CDI joining Twilio

Friday’s announcement of Segment being acquired by cloud communications platform Twilio is going to leave a lot of people in the CDP space buzzing. With their unicorn status at last fundraise and massive marketing budget, they were one of the more visible vendors in the space. So what does a cloud communication company like Twilio…

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What is First Party Data?

What is First Party Data - Data from the source

As a marketer or business person, you may have heard of 1st party data a lot and be wondering: “What is first party data?” It’s information your business collects directly from consumers. This is your own data collected directly from your company. This data is the most valuable kind your business can gather. Without it,…

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Customer 360: Creating Authentic Experiences

Customer 360 Comprehensive

Customer 360: Creating Authentic Experiences Brands today looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace know the key lies in providing the best customer experience possible. Consumer expectations have dramatically shifted in the past few years. Consumers now expect every experience they have with a brand to be tailored and personalized. In fact, 80% of consumers say that…

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