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How an Enterprise CDP Fosters Happy, Hyper-Productive Teams

Nitay Joffe - how an enterprise CDP fosters productive teams

For developers, it’s called “hack mode.” For drummers, it is being “in the groove.” Eminent positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi built his carrying studying this state. It is that wonderful feel we all get when we are immersed in an activity that makes us feel both energized and powerfully focused. Csikszentmihalyi dubbed it the “flow state.”…

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CDPs & the Promise of Omnichannel Choreography

Like any transformative new technology, the world is still trying to wrap its mind around the concept of customer data platforms (CDP). To help separate the hype from the chaff, CMSWire hosted a Tweet Jam last month on CDPs and the promise of omnichannel choreography. The wide-ranging digital discussion attracted an impressive range of thought…

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