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Trigger & Personalize Based on Journeys, Not Events or Products

Marketers often ask me “what are low hanging fruits for AI?” My answer is always the same, the two promising areas are triggers and personalization. There are many products in the market that promise trigger events (emails, mobile messages) and product personalization (people that bought this bought that, Amazon-style). These approaches are not bad but…

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Mining for Data Gold

Nathaniel Popper from The New York Times published a revealing article regarding the ongoing tech company claims that big banks are pulling in the reins when it comes to sharing customer data. Big retail banks, Silicon Valley executives say, are refusing to pass along information around the fees and interest rates that they charge their…

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Why You Should Embrace the Data Storage Renaissance

What keeps us on earth? What keeps the earth rotating around the sun? Gravity, you say. Data also has “gravity”.  a16z partner Peter Levine said it in on a recent a16z Podcast: The Storage Renaissance. “Data has to live somewhere and be made accessible. It might not be sexy, but storage and cloud computing is what…

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CEO Doug McMillon Discusses Innovation and the Future of Walmart

Harvard Business Review editor in chief Adi Ignatius recently interviewed Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, on how the brick-and-mortar retail giant is adapting to the digital age. The Walmart board hired McMillon as CEO in 2014 to bring the company into the future without disrupting the franchise. Walmart’s case illustrates how the biggest challenge of…

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Sequoia Bets on ActionIQ for Marketers

Source (paywall): WSJ – Sequoia Bets on ActionIQ for Marketers’ Data Management Platform As part of our ActionIQ “reveal” that started last October, we are happy to announce that Sequoia has led both our seed round and our Series A. FirstMark Capital, along with our seed round investors, also participated in the Series A. WSJ’s…

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