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McKinsey: How to Start Building Your Next-Gen Operating Model

McKinsey’s Joao Dias, David Hamilton, and Christopher Paquette recently published an incredibly in-depth report about the technology and organizational strategies needed for a modern operating model. “How to Start Building Your Next-Generation Operating Model” is chock full of insights that illuminate why this is often a struggle for organizations—and why they have only seen marginal…

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Harvard Business Review: The Rebirth of the CMO

The “M” in CMO is much more than just marketing now. Factor in understanding data technology, analytics, and customer experiences, too. The role itself is changing rapidly and becoming much more critical to lead the digital transformation of a company and how it will win in the new digital economy. The recent Harvard Business Review…

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Big Data Outgrew Its Name. Now What?

To be honest, when the term Big Data was first coined in 2000 – and then found its way onto the main stage about a decade or so ago, I wasn’t a fan. I’m still not. Not that Big Data isn’t important, because it is. It’s just that the term meant everything and nothing all…

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Javelin Group: What’s in Store for the Next 10 Years of Retail?

Will Treasure, Javelin Group’s Director of Operations, recently published an interesting list of predictions for the future of retail. “Retailing is a particularly dynamic industry, and in 100 years has changed from the butcher and baker ‘living over the shop’ via organized retail, self-service, and big-box to today’s omni-channel,” Treasure writes. We couldn’t agree more.…

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“Marketing Solutions” Aren’t Enough To Get Everything Done

With all the so-called technology innovation of late, it’s seems that the more data and tools we have, the less productive we’ve become.  The problem boils down to an inability to easily access relevant data quickly and autonomously, and this is cutting into productivity. Addressing this issue has long been bandied about by vendors touting…

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Legend of the Phoenix: Personalization

Personalization is a weird thing. Like the legend of the Phoenix, the bird that is cyclically reborn, personalization is one of these marketing challenges that as soon as you think you have addressed it, it almost immediately comes back. You think you get ahead of the market, only to find out that you’ve fallen more…

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