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Is Your Data Naughty or Nice

I read the other day that “Data is like water” and thought what a great analogy.  Most living things cannot live without water very long. Thank goodness, for most of us, water is abundant.  It falls from the sky. If not treated right, water can get contaminated, and harm those who consume it. I concluded…

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Path to Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital Personalization At Scale

McKinsey & Company recently published an insightful article titled “Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at scale” (the key term here: “at scale”!). I liked it so much, that I felt it was worthy of a deep dive. In my view, it’s perfect validation of what we do for a living at ActionIQ! Digital personalization has been…

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The Chief Marketing / Technology / Analytics / Data Officer

Yes, there were good old days for a CMO. Days when they focused on the brand, creative, and the like. “If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.” – Jim Barksdale, former CEO of Netscape Communications Corporation. Of course, CMOs still do that today—along with…

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Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)

Every morning, many of our employees at ActionIQ commute from New York’s boroughs into our headquarters here in the heart of Manhattan. Anyone who has ever navigated the streets of New York knows that the number of ways to travel from Points A to B in our city are seemingly infinite. Whether you are facing…

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ETL Is Waste: Your IT Team Won’t Tell You This

It’s one of the most common, time-consuming, and wasteful problems a marketing organization can face. And it’s not just the challenges with click-through or open rates. It’s actually “data logistics” or ETL. First some background: ETL is an acronym and stands for “extract, transform, load.” It’s the core database functions to move data from one…

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Eleanor Roosevelt: Big Data Guru

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who know the beauty of their data.” We are taught that Eleanor Roosevelt was a feminist, but so few know that she was a futurist, having completed an advanced degree in mathematics.   She also said, “Great minds discuss analysis; average minds discuss data; small minds…

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