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Accelerate Your Marketing to Win Big with Big Data

Failure is okay. I suggest failure all the time. But let me be more specific. I believe in taking on multiple ideas and executing them quickly. Not only does it allow you to understand quickly if your idea is a good one; but it also allows you to fail — and that’s okay. In today’s…

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The Evolution of Big Data in Three Steps

  I’ve seen the progression of big data over time, with each wave advancing further up the beach, turning into an eventual flood of raw information. While there have been many small but crucial steps along the way, I generally think of the evolution of big data occurring in three major phases. The first phase…

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Why Offline Retail Has Better Data Than Online Retail

This article originally appeared on PSFK and is written by Healey Cypher, co-founder and CEO of Oak Labs. “When Tesla began in 2003, its founders centered around the reinvention of a traditional industry, they looked past Maranello, Stuttgart, and Detroit. They looked to an alternate reality. One where the touch of a button could change…

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ActionIQ Merges Customer Data Without Reformatting

This article originally appeared at the Customer Experience Matrix by David Raab. “One of the fascinating things about the Customer Data Platform Institute is how developers from different backgrounds have converged on similar solutions. The leaders of ActionIQ, for example, are big data experts: Tasso Argyros founded Aster Data, which was later purchased by Teradata,…

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